Top Vancouver Real Estate Agents

The only people searching for the Top Vancouver Real Estate agents are the ambitious. What does the “best” or “top” refer to exactly? Is it just the top sales producers or is it agents with the biggest client list and market exposure? For clients, the top Vancouver agent is the one that can get the results they’re looking for. Those agents who brag about top sales might actually undermine their leads since it may allude to greed and excessive profit for the agent. That’s the way a lot of homeowners feel. There is a lot of traffic at FSBO sites and plenty of listings.

How do the top Vancouver Real Estate agents gain market exposure and still market themselves as hard working, value generating producers? There are agents who have their established clientelle and may not even show up on the visibility radar. Do they even care about exposure on Google and have several developed real estate web sites? Perhaps not. They’re in like flint.

No top agent would rest on their laurels though. It’s important to create top visibility and prestige where it counts. And top rankings on Google do count. Whether you’re in Vancouver, Edmonton, Kelowna, or San Diego, Los Angeles or Baton Rouge, top visibility on Google gives you the prestige of being the top agent. Home buyers assume the top ranking site is most relevant even if it isn’t. We all know a lot of the top ranking sites aren’t very good. Realtylink for instance is awful, but it gets lots of traffic. is another site stuffed with info no one wants to read, yet it is highly exposed in Google to homebuyers and homesellers. Wast of time for many home buyers and sellers, but do you think rebgv cares? I’m sure they’re delighted to get links from Vancouver area agents web sites even though it does very little for the agents themselves. So what you’re a member of the board. Just say you’re licensed and it’s instant credibilty.

To home buyers and sellers in Vancouver searching online for homes, Jay Banks is the top real estate agent visible.  This graph of Google rankings shows his website has the best rankings of any Vancouver real estate agent. Sure glvb and realtylink have more visibility but if Banks plays his ranking cards right, he could climb above them too. Beating glvb and realtylink are tough assignments but think of the traffic if people were to head to your site first before the general mls listings.

Top Real Estate Agent Rankings in Vancouver


Learn More About Jay Banks Website.

Are you a Vancouver Real Estate agent searching for ways to improve your online presence? It might be time for you to create the online exposure enjoyed by the top agents such as Jay Banks.  Visit Realty Market Leader to find out more.


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