Real Estate Niches

Dominating Estate Niches a Key Strategy for Realtors

Review most realtors websites and you’ll see that they’re all trying to be generalists trying to win every type of sale, in any neighbourhood, in any city, type of buyer, ethnicity, gender, lifestyle, or type of property sought.  Micromarkets or niches can be incredible opportunities yet realtors have to expand and use specific marketing channels to capture them. For instance, having multiple websites with unique graphics, layout, content, and copywriting that serves that niche best is a must.

Being a generalist pitts you against thousands of other realtors doing the same thing. A jack of all trades looks common and doesn’t project an outstanding competence in any one area. People don’t buy general real estate property, they buy something specific under specific circumstances. They may be functionally blind to a generalist realtor when searching just as a family doctor would not interest them if they were looking for a nutritionist or plastic surgeon.

Can a generalist agent get exposure amidst a high level of general competition in their own city? And what about general leads? Are they the best quality? Niche marketing then entails developing different online personas/websites to help you work with specific types of clients or properties. You can still cast a wide traffic/lead net but now you’re able to better funnel your leads to close better.

If this is you, you may want to investigate specific real estate niches and target specific keyword phrases to bring in better targeted prospects who just might be easier to convert. The thing about clients or homebuyers is that once they get a specific type of property in mind in a particular location, they’re going to be persistent.

Best Real Estate Niches

The best niches for residential property realtors are city neighbourhoods, luxury properties, foreclosed/short sales, major brokerage names, and condos. These segment niches are those that homebuyers are most likely to be searching for, particularly on search engines. Niches help you capture targeted traffic and they also create a strong brand image – this is key to you claiming and dominating a real estate niche. Once you’ve captured it, you’ll want to further support your branding with real estate slogans, web site content, property pictures, and advertising that makes you the owner of that niche.

One real estate slogan “The Condo King” exemplifies the niche spirit. Who can argue with the King? How about the “Don of Foreclosures” who will make the bank an offer it can’t refuse?

If condos in a specific neighbourhood are what you want to dominate (e.g., Richmond Condos, La Jolla Luxury Homes, Yorkville condos, Malibu beach condos, Eau Claire Calgary Condos, downtown Seattle,  Whistler condos), its important to flood that neighbourhood with your presence offline and online.

If babyboomer homeowners or Chinese buyers are what you’re after, you need to think like your prospect and identify with their interests and leanings.

For keywords, you’ll want to work with a really good, experienced SEO to determine the best keywords to pursue and of course rank at the top for them. There will be lots to pursue and it takes good search engine optimization to win them.

After you’ve identified specific, viable real estate niches, you’ll want to ensure your website branding, images, copy and listing details are created with your brand image in mind.  Everything needs to feed back to, and support your image as the key figure in that market.  You’ll want to load it up about condos you’ve sold and integrate as many niche listings you can. Don’t forget that your pictures

As you begin your niche exploits, you’ll notice other agents/brokers who have the same ambitions. There’s not as many of them and if they’re doing it, you know they’re fairly smart and competent. Review their sites to see what they’re traffic and brand image strategy is. You can learn from their mistakes.

Don’t ever doubt that you can dominate a real estate niche.  Your competition’s lack of expertise and confidence, and access to financial resources are the key reason they’ll never be there. If you’re serious about improving your real estate sales and dominating niches, why not get in touch with me so we can discuss the strategy and what’s needed?

Read up on the new iPhone 4s and why it can help you work better as a mobile real estate agent? Mobile MLS and mobile marketing will only increase as new devices like the Samsung Galaxy and the iPad become more prevalent. Most people would give up their laptops and PCs if they could and manufacturers know it.

From QR codes, to GPS based home searching, there’s ways you can connect to these active home buyers. They’re the richest source of leads if not the biggest in number.



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