iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android Users using Apps more than Surfing Web

New research is revealing another trend in consumer behaviour that realtors should take note of. Smartphone and iPad users are using apps on their phones more than they’re surfing web sites. Further research on advertising effectiveness show ad recall is better from apps than surfing web sites. No one’s really certain where the mobile trend is going however if these trends continue, the mobile market is going to occupy a significant amount of homebuyers time too.

Mobile use has grown to about comprise about 10% of web traffic.

Mobile Phone Users Visiting Real Estate Site

If homebuyers are using their phones more (and for home searching) how will you be reaching them and converting those leads? Best to view your site via your own smartphone and see what your visitors are experiencing and what might be more useful for them. Is your content interesting? MLS listings and video are 2 items a realty market leader must consider. If your mls listings are taking visitors away from your site, that’s not a good thing. Ensure your MLS listings appear on your site and that the listing page is easy to use to search and view. Mobile phones have a limited size viewing area.

Research also shows smartphones, including iPads and Android pads are outselling PCs and laptops. That’s an amazing statistic. Unlike pcs and laptops, the world of mobile is dominated by apps. Mobile app development is one of the biggest areas of growth for software developers. When new products are released, they commandeer a good portion of the market until something better comes along.

For a Market Leader, mobile apps and mobile optimized websites are an important way to keep home buyers and sellers engaged with their unique value proposition. The more contact they have with you, the more likely you’re going to be their agent.


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