Why Hire a Real Estate Agent?

A recent survey by MRIS of 300 homebuyers and sellers in the Mid-Atlantic area illuminated some of the reasons home buyers and home sellers use the services of a realtor. There were some interesting findings. The survey revealed that 53% of respondents believe that working with an agent is more important today than a few years ago and that trust of realtors is up there with financial advisors and attorneys. 95% of buyers and sellers believe that working with a real estate agent is important.

MRIS suggests that the most valued qualities of realtors are:
▪▪ Trustworthiness (75%)
▪▪ Experience in buying and selling (72%)
▪▪ Willingness to look out for their best interests (71%)
▪▪ Expertise in negotiating contracts (63%)
▪▪ Responsiveness (62%)
▪▪ Familiarity with real estate contracts and legal documents (61%)
▪▪ Knowledge of the local community (56%)

Top 5 reasons homebuyers value a realtor:
1. Knowledge of closing procedures
2. Negotiating the best price
3. Understanding their needs and wants
4. Knowledge of the community
5. Responsive to their emails and calls

Top 5 reasons sellers value a realtor:
1. Setting the right price
2. Effectively marketing their property
3. Understanding their needs and wants
4. Negotiating the best price
5. Knowledge of closing procedures

48% reported finding their realtor through a word of mouth referral and 35% of respondents found their agent through online resources including agent websites as well as home search sites.

Great research you can put to use in your own real estate marketing materials.


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