Mobile MLS – Popularity and Growth

Which Mobile Browsers are MLS Search users using?

These Google Analytics charts show the usage and growth of the top 4 mobile devices by homebuyers and sellers. Although Mobile still has only a small share of real estate website traffic, it is growing quickly. Usage will undoubtedly grow fast along with the sales of iPads, Android pads and smartphones.

What’s important to you as a realtor, is that Mobile MLS is new and offers an opportunity for you to be a market leader in the mobile space. First mover advantage is always critical in becoming a dominant company in any field. Those who lag behind in adoption get in stuck in the catch up game and can overtake the brand leader in the category. Another agent could easily become the “Mobile” branded agent. At that point, all your mobile promotion just adds to their supremacy.

You can become more Mobile friendly by having a good mobile version of your website/homepage that makes it easy for people to view your unique value offer, pictures, and MLS Listings. Some third party MLS IDX listing providers have such mobile functionality built in. However, you still need to modify your pages to make them customer friendly.

You can also use cobranded MLS Search apps that work with these popular devices to ensure your customers see you as the main contact for any MLS listings they see.

The battle for market leadership between iPad and Android will be an interesting one. Android is the operating system being used for a number of new tablet devices. Many of these are priced much lower than iPad, which means Android’s growth will likely be steep in the next year.

Mobile MLS Search users using Android PhoneMobile MLS - iPhone Usage for Real Estate Sites
Mobile MLS - iPad for MLS SearchMobile MLS - iPhone Real Estate Search Users
Mobile MLS - iPhone Mobile Search Stats
Mobile MLS – Blackberry Phone for MLS Search


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