Closing that New Sales Lead

You’ve just gotten a lead on a sales prospect, but he’s looking at other agents too. Is it just a ploy to get the lowest commission rate? Hopefully, you’ve asked him the right questions so you’re not wasting your time. But let’s say he is serious and he’s narrowed it down to 3 good agents. How are you going to establish that you’re the best?

Your Unique Value Proposition expresses your Value Clearly not just through words but in demonstrating your selling capability – It boils down to a couple of factors that clearly set you apart from the rest

First thing to do is recall as much as you can about what the prospect talked about. That will give you clues as to what’s important to him. I’m assuming you have your questionairre ready to get the details about what he’s hoping for. If you haven’t met him or visited the property, you’ll want to think about how you’ll differentiate yourself from the other agents. There’s one way which many agents don’t consider.

If you’re a successful agent, you’ve probably thought about your advantages and playing up a few of them. If you’ve sold similar properties and know the area, you’ve got a hand up on the others. The seller will probably want to see your marketing plan. He wants the broadest exposure and he’ll be looking at your marketing reach. Exposure on certain media will impress him.  Three channels you may have not considered are Google adwords, the Realestatechannel, and building a website just for his property.

This is one time when you’ll want to show him how much visibility you have on Google and Yahoo and how much traffic you have to your site. If you’re not with one of the big real estate brokerages, a top ranking website is critical. However, if he’s not web savvy, you can show him and explain. A video listing on the real estate channel shouldn’t be understated. Another avenue you’ll want to mention is door to door postcard delivery in the neighbourhood and in those neighbourhoods where buyers might be.  If it’s a million dollar listing, you may want to register with or since they have million dollar clientelle including other agents catering to the luxury market.

Building a special website will really impress him if you can show how you’ll get traffic to it. This showcase site can be linked from your own high trafficked website. A featured spot on the homepage and main trafficked pages should work. Then you add some Google adwords ads and then the narrated video listing and he’ll see you’re building a compelling case.

By going that one step further to do all you can to help them sell their property and get the maximum number of bids, it’s easier for them to see you as the clear best bet.

Contact me for more ideas on how you can strengthen your unique value proposition and power up your real estate seo strategy.


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