Niche Marketing For Realtors

A Larger Market is just a Composition of Smaller Markets

While most real estate agents compete as broadly as possible to create new leads, there are specific niches that can corral a lot of leads and very good quality prospects as well. The issue with niches though is that it requires more effort, strategy, and marketing funds. Since not many agents have experience with strategic online marketing and whether it will work, they shy away from committing to it. That’s a shame because any agent knows commitment to their goals and purpose is critical to career success, and online domination is absolutely necessary.

Why is online domination so important? Because a few agents are coralling the online space all for themselves. If an agent can have his or her web sites dominate searches on Google, and fill the ad spaces on Google results, they push other agents out. Other agents won’t be able to gain exposure. And repeated exposure on Google builds familiarity, comfort, and likelihood of making contact. The odds are way in favor of those agents who make the extra effort to dominate their online market.

Real Estate Niche Markets are Underserved

Yes, there’s trulia and and craigslist, and they are highly resistant to domination, yet a successful agent will have more listings and the numbers again are in their favor. You have to build a dominant presence online first and then the big rewards come later. With Google adwords ads, you have direct connection to buyers so you can have immediate success too. For accessing real estate niches such as foreclosures, new developments, rent to own, bank repossessed properties, specific neighbourhoods, luxury homes, and specific types of homes, you need to build a niche strategy.

Do a search for anything specific on Google and you’ll come up with a few realtors who just cover the topic lightly. A consumer can see that half-hearted attempt and not take the realtor seriously. A specialist in command of that niche presents a much better picture. To them, the expert is less of a time wasting risk.  And time is so important for everyone today.

Build your Niche Marketing Plan

If you want to be the guru of 3 bedroom homes, or downtown lofts, you need a plan. And if you want them all, then you need a good plan. That’s where an experienced and dedicated real estate marketing specialist can get you organized and put in the effort required to dominate todays competitive online space.

Most real estate agents are way too conservative. For the price of one home sales commission, they could enjoy a very dominant position online. It’s time for many to take stock of their priorities and begin taking control of their careers. A successful career is one you’re committed to.

Online Marketing is an area where you need to go “over the top” and not only explore new market segments, you have to pursue them with vigor. You want nothing less than top rankings and top level traffic. And guess what? It is achievable. You’re created tremendous ongoing value. Think about how valuable such web properties would be to other agents. So even if you’re not successful in converting leads, other agents would die to have your web of realty web sites and your online lead acquistion channel. There is overwhelming value in building a real estate empire, particulary in the coming years as the economy heats up.

Don’t delay in building your realty empire of niche sites. More visibility and more focused service means home buyers and sellers will regard you as the market leader.


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