Real Estate Marketing – Are Realtors Really Marketing Your Home?

There are tens of thousands of real estate agents across Canada, and ten times that amount across the US. Out of all of them, how many do you think put a major effort into marketing? And what is real estate marketing today? Is it just a mention on a Website that’s hardly visited by anyone? How do you know if they’re going to do a good job of marketing your home to reach a lot of good quality buyers, and then will negotiate a good price for you?

Sometimes, the real estate agent’s genuine ability will be evident after you meet them. But how about before you’ve met them and are considering whether to call them or not? Are you making your decision based on the brokerages reputation, or the agent’s looks and appearance, or based on their claims and awards they say they’ve earned? These are all questionable ways to choose a realtor.

The first thing you need to do is check out their website. Any agent that is proficient in sales knows the Internet is vital. More home buyers are going online to search for homes. They don’t need to go to the broker’s office anymore. Everything needed is online and buyer’s are pressed for time. The use of online search tools is very necessary for them.

Your prospective agent should have a nice real estate website and that site should be visible in Google. Google is very important in the real estate sales world. People go to Google to find the MLS listings. Google is the start of everything these days. When people search Google, they’ll find a number of websites listed. Some are presented in the listings because Google’s rates them highly. That’s Google’s way of saying these sites are the most credible. Most people will visit these websites. Another way sites appear on Google is to pay to have ads shown (Google Adwords Advertising. Most people don’t realize they are ads and they don’t really care. Home buyers just want to see homes.

Google Real Estate Search Results

Do a search in your browser for your city name + real estate, or your city name + MLS and you’ll discover the websites that are visited most by home searchers in your city. That’s why being at the top of the Vancouver MLS, San Diego MLS, Los Angeles MLS, or Edmonton MLS search rankings is so important. If your prospective agent’s site isn’t there, then they probably aren’t getting many visitors.

Ask your prospective agent whether he has a blog, facebook page, or where his listings are showing on the Web. Ask him about these websites and about the traffic these sites have. Some have their listings on,, Ziprealty,, Zillow, and of course their own broker’s sites. See if they have video ads and those ads are being played on real estate tv channels.

The more of these your agent works with, the more your property will be exposed to buyers.

Don’t Assume Anything

If they tell you they publish in local newspaper classifieds that are delivered to homes, that is good exposure. And if they advertise your home directly via Google adwords, that is impressive. You must check out that exposure. Ask to see the detailed Adwords ad reports showing which keywords they purchased and how many ad impressions there were. Anyone can tell you they do things. Make them provide detailed proof of it. If they’re into online marketing and truly want to do a knock out job for you, they won’t mind providing this information and will have greater respect for you. It’s your way of ensuring your agent will do a professional level job, before you agree to a listing agreement.

Selling a home is tough right now across North America. You need an agent who is technologically savvy, connected and sales oriented. These are the guys who can bring buyers from many sources. The more the merrier to help you get your sales price. Check out a site now that offers such high level real estate sales services to agents in North America. Find out what top level agents do to maximize sales and best results for their clients.


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