Real Estate Blogs – Why do they Rank so Well?

Your Real Estate Blog will Create Leads

If you don’t have your own real estate blog, you’re missing out on a lot of traffic and leads. Yes blogs do take a lot of effort and time, and to rank well you have need to understand how search engines work. But on the simple side, search engines like fresh material and they like what they see as quality content. Keep feeding the search engine spiders interesting and varied articles on real estate topics and you’re bound to see your traffic grow.

Not all visitors to your blog will be home buyers and home sellers. In fact, the chance of an A prospect landing on your site as they’re considering selling is slim. But never give up. Realtors are having trouble selling houses right now, and many frustrated homeowners will soon see their listing agreement expire and may be looking for another agent. It’s just the way it is. They’ll find another agent on Google.

Blogs can rank well for keywords that aren’t all that competitive such as “Vancouver MLS Burnaby duplexes under $500k.” Some strange search phrases from people zoned in on a specific topic.  If you have a powerful, strategic optimization of your blog by someone like me, then the traffic can go through the roof. If someone wanted to do it, a blog could be the top ranking real estate site.

Of course, blogs lack the flexibility of a custom website. A customized blog can be equipped with more flexibility however most blogs are built with repetitive content. On many real estate blogs you’ll see the usual blog roll, some ads, perhaps some home listings, a mortgage widget, and other items they call Web 2.0 apps. An example of a Web 2.0 application is one that shows your latest twitter tweets.

A blog allows to get into deeper topics than would be appropriate on your main website, which is more like a professional brochure. In the blog, you can show your human side but you may want to feature your professional and personal abilities and expertise. The voice of your conversation is important, but it may be slightly stilted by SEO requirements. You may insert keyword phrases when necessary because search engines aren’t mind readers. They read the content literally. Don’t overdo it with your main keywords such as “Vancouver real estate” and “San Diego Luxury Homes.”  Google’s fairly sensitive to keyword stuffing.

If you happen to have some very exciting videos, pictures or news, other bloggers may link to your site and that helps with your rankings.

Built in Search Engine Optimization

Blogs like wordpress have built-in optimization features. For instance a blog post will appear on the main page, and it has its own url. The blog is designed to tell the search engine which blog post should be taken seriously and which is redundant, so the index won’t get cluttered with duplicates. Duplicate content is something Google doesn’t like. In fact, Google will count the words in your posts. If all your material is similarly written, it may affect whether some articles will be respected by them. So they may not rank.

Always try to be unique. Uniqueness is important.

Most blogs such as wordpress will make the page title the same as the heading you write for that post. That’s too bad. Custom blog design can overcome that limitation and more.

Blogs often link to other blogs (blogroll) and there is a strong connection to other types of social media such as twitter and Youtube. Your blog actually is the centerpiece to your social media strategy. Google still doesn’t promote social media since it is a threat to their search engine. Blogs may be the exception because most people search for text material in blogs and they need a search engine to find it.

If you don’t have the time to develop a real estate blog, you would be wise to have someone create and develop it for you. Make sure they understand real estate and are able to create optimized topics that people are searching for. SEO is still what it’s all about, even though a blog is a great brand image building tool. Make sure you encourage your visitor’s feedback, but get ready for a lot of spam too.

Tired of mediocre results in your real estate marketing campaign? The market is tough right now and you need to focus your online marketing assets. Get a professional, and dedicated real estate SEO firm to create and maintain it all for you.


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