Trulia Mobile App

The Trulia App for iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry Phones

The Trulia mobile app offers similar features you’ll find on the Zillow Mobile App, Loopnet Mobile App, and the Zip Realty app. Home searchers can search for homes near to their location and see the home’s selling details. The mobile real estate app accesses the MLS system and makes it easy to search anywhere in the US or the app detects your specific location as you’re driving around. Lots of home buyers like to drive around neighbourhoods and this gives real estate agents an opportunity to create a lead.

Trulia App for iPad

The search feature of the Trulia app is clean, simple to use and offers mls details and photos of properties. Searchers can specify the number of bedrooms, prices, square footage, and report on sold prices locally. The app also shows some restaurants, schools and gas stations locally. You can see more about it at Trulia’s mobile app download site.

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