Leads and Sales is a blog about excelling in the business of real estate. Visitors can read about real estate agents and the issues and opportunities in today’s increasingly complex, digital marketplace.  Read more about real estate marketing at Realty Market Leader.

Gord Collins is a 14 year veteran of search engine marketing.  A former SEO specialist for a major advertising agency, a number of consumer focused manufacturers and prefered SEO consultant to several marketing companies, Gord is relied upon for his thorough planning, timely execution, and continual improvement of client’s online marketing campaigns.  Author of the Professional Guide to Search Engine Writing, Gord Collins understanding of Google’s algorithm and ability to weave powerful optimization techniques into websites, allows clients’ websites to overperform.

If you’re a real estate agent with a lame website, there’s no better cure for that malaise than high quality SEO. Although there are tens of thousands of web designers, copywriters, webmasters and web hosting companies offering SEO, high quality SEO is the only choice for intelligent Realtors.

The competition is stiff today. Be a market sales leader. It’s the only way to go.


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