Million Dollar Homes – Surprising Growth in Luxury Homes

If there’s one niche agents dream of, it’s the million dollar homes market.  In many cities, a million dollars doesn’t buy you what it used to either.  One of my clients just sold a 1.4 million dollar condo in downtown Toronto and although it’s got great views of the CN Tower and Lake Ontario, I honestly have trouble understanding why someone would part with that kind of money. Another sold property was a 1.5 million dollar log home on a good chunk of property in a nice rural area north of Toronto. Again, I’m dazzled that somone was able to sell it during these tough times.

A recent NAR report stated that luxury home sales in some markets is on the rise. Lets hope that continues. Maybe this market is ready for you to access it?

Now head over to Edmonton or Vancouver, and you’ll see a good percentage of properties are in the million dollar bracket. San Diego luxury homes too are a hot commodity.  The rich always seem to have money and they’re buying up bargain and often foreclosued luxury properties in expectation of an economic turnaround. If you study the market well, these investments can turn an excellent profit. With beachfront locations or overlooking a golf course, San Diego million dollar homes will always be in demand.

The million dollar luxury home market is a tough one to break into, yet most agents don’t do enough to crack it. It may be a lack of confidence or a lack of luck, but if you’re determined and get connected, this is the market that creates top sales producers.  One thing for sure is that when you’re selling luxury homes, you need to showcase the homes more.  Take a good look at how Dreamhomesmagazine does or You’ll need to upgrade your web design for sure but it’s all doable. 

The best way to make yourself relevant to million dollar home owners who want to sell, is to show you have access to buyers of such homes. A top ranking and powerful real estate site is certainly one way to do it. Ranking at the top for million dollar homes like we achieved for one of our clients is a good starter.  There aren’t many websites targeting upscale buyers that do it well. You’ll have an opportunity to corner the luxury market in your city. Start branding yourself as the luxury market sales performer with a complete Internet marketing presence.

Become a Market Leader – What better Option is There?

Considering how to get your career to the next level? Work with Realty Market Leader and you’ll have a partner with a vested interest in your success. The only guarantee of success in real estate is commitment. Think about your commitment to your career and ask yourself if you’re on the right track. Mediocrity isn’t an option when it comes to your long term future. Its time to start now if you want to be a market leader.

How do realtors sell homes for more? Get some ideas.  Who has the Best IDX system and should you hire an IDX developer? This is one of the toughest choices top agents have to make right now.


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