Video Tours for Real Estate

Real Estate Video Tour Services

Real Video is a very engaging type of media and it can help you show and interest prospects in a property. Of course it needs to be done well.  This is real video I’m refering to, not a collection of still photos that are panned. Real video real estate tours really pick up a listing and they make you look a lot more professional. They also increase the time the visitor is engaged in viewing the property and seeing its best features. With still photos, they may see your listing for 20 seconds then leave, but a video can keep them exposed to it for perhaps 2 minutes. They create a pleasant experience for an online home listing.

HDhat’s staff will produce the video and provide narration – it’s all done and for a great price.

Taking video is no easy task given lighting and audio conditions when you’re traveling through light and dark rooms. The big reason many realtors don’t take advantage of video is because after they’ve taken the video scenes, they don’t know how they’ll be able to post them to their website.

Its not enough to put video up on a server. Even if it’s good video, it still looks amateurish without some presentation pizzazz. It needs an intro and subtitles and even good audio narration. Video files are very large digital files and can’t be used in their raw format. The size needs to be adjusted so it can be downloaded in a short time by web visitors. Web visitors, your prospects, won’t wait forever for huge megabyte files to download. Your videos will have to be limited to a couple of minutes. All that video editing is time consuming and a headache. Better to leave it to people who know what they’re doing.

Load up on your site, blog, facebook page or on Youtube, and it’ll get good exposure (with Good SEO) and create leads.

Fortunately, you can use an online service such as HDhat. HDHat is the world’s largest real estate video tour editing service.  HDHat has edited, syndicated and now hosts over 10,000 real estate videos.  We have trained agents worldwide how to capture the video clips needed to produce professional level real estate videos.

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