San Diego – An Ideal Place to Live

Living in San Diego California

San Diego California is one of the most desired places to live for just anyone in North America.  And right now, the San Diego housing market is at its most advantageous ever for real estate buyers.  Housing prices dropped precipitously from 2008 onward and have never recovered. August’s prices were down again. If you’re fed up with your life where you are and have a good amount of wealth, then San Diego County could create a wonderful change for you.  When you say San Diego, it is the lifestyle images that come to mind.

San Diego CA Cityscape

The lifestyle in San Diego is definitely unique mostly due to the climate, proximity to the Pacific Ocean, and nearness to the Mexican border.  The terrain too makes it very interesting. It’s a land of millionaires and yet as you can see in this chart, homes on average are a reasonable price. Of course, if you’re hoping to find a place with a spectacular view on the coast, then prices won’t be so reasonable. A quick check of the San Diego MLS will show you prices of homes in the county’s best spots such as La Jolla, Escondido, Carlsbad, San Marcos, Del Mar, Coronado, Point Loma, Oceanside, Vista, and Solana Beach.

You’ll find everything you need for a great life including recreation activities such as tennis, golf, surfing, fishing, bicycling, and baseball and soccer facilities. The temperature year round is moderate and as you go inland it warms up and is much drier. San Diego was basically a desert until people began populating and developing the area. It is a man-made wonder.

Schools in San Diego are high quality as are medical facilities. Industry here is well developed and does enjoy a competitive advantage because it is only a few miles from Tijuana Mexico where there is plenty of cheap labor. Southern California is expensive in both taxes and cost of food and home utilities.  This is where it can become tough for those who aren’t well off. Learn more about the San Diego economic forecast and industry stats.

Best San Diego Communities

Certain communities are most desired to live in. La Jolla, Solana Beach, Rancho Bernardo, and Coronado may be the hottest spots for real estate. La Jolla is world renowned for its cove landscape yet it is a world of beautiful homes and high priced lifestyles.  This is where you’ll find plenty of exotic million dollar homes. Other communities on the coast are very nice too. Solana Beach and San Marcos are beautiful communities with incredible views of the ocean. They both enjoy wonderful oceanside parks. You may find cheaper real estate further up the coast in Carlsbad, Oceanside and Vista. Even cheaper homes are available in eastern San Diego in communities such as Santee, El Cajon, and Mission Hills.

La Jolla is perched on top of a giant sand hill and all too frequently during the short rainy season, many of the homeowners are devastated when their backyards slide down the mountainside or even their homes are lost to landslides.  Buying La Jolla Real Estate is very risky.  Those homes with the best views are often the most hazardous.  La Jolla Real estate is the most expensive in the area, lead by its two best neighborhoods, Lower Hermosa and Lower Hermosa. Learn more about the San Diego housing forecast. The San Diego foreclosure market continues strong and is suppressing housing prices and new home construction in the county.

San Marcos is a beautiful spot. Palm lined trees roll over lush hills and the homes are amazing. There are several major resort spas located here and it hosts major golf and tennis tournaments.

Major San Diego attractions include the San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, Petco Park, San Diego Seaworld, San Diego Wild Animal Park, Oceanside Pier, Pacific Beach, Mt Palomar Telescope, and Legoland.  Of course, the 70 miles of beaches is perhaps the main reason people vacation here. There’s plenty of large shopping malls and shops and boutiques all along the famous highway 101 from Chula Vista to Oceanside.  You’re not far from Disneyland up in Anaheim and there are several casinos in the region as well. There are nice sized mountains to the east where you can sitesee, hike, take photographs, and mountain bike.

If there’s ever been a time to make your living in San Diego dream come true, it’s right now. Check the San Diego MLS frequently for new homes in San Diego’s communities. It’s not for those without financial means, but as an investment in your future, San Diego might be the best move you’ve ever made.


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