iPad Apps for Realtors

Apple’s iPad sales are Brisk – Great Tool for Mobile Workers

iPad - From Real Estate to Bibles

Apple iPad sales may range from 40 million up to 80 million units for 2011, giving it dominant leadership in the tablet market. Apple developed the iPad because consumers wanted a device that would be easier to use for casual surfing, texting, surfing and even banking on the go. Well, tablet devices such as the iPad are proving useful to realtors too. If you have one already, please leave a comment on whether it’s working for you.

What’s particularly valuable for realtors is having an iPad log onto your mls listings or listings on realtor.com or realtylink.org or the mls service where you are. Downloading the Realtor.com app for iPad helps you get instant access to listings which you can then show your prospective clients who are in the car with you.

Realtor.com MLS App for iPhone, IPad and other Devices

You can use the realtor.com ipad app download page to download and install it on your Ipad. You’ll have the ability to find listings wherever you are and show them right away to your clients.

Realtor.com’s Listing Presentation App

Realtor.com gives you the ability to create impactful presentations of your listings. A better presentation with stats can give you an advantage and appeal to many buyers. Shape how your listing is presented.

Realtor.com Online Listing Presentation App

more coming soon…


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