Real Estate Slogans

Should you Have a Real Estate Slogan?

Any marketer needs a slogan, however it’s hard to serve all prospects with the same slogan.  The slogan is your 5 second elevator speech. Short to the point statement about what you do and what you achieve.

Your real estate slogan is short declaration of your value and effectiveness as an agent. It should be tied to your unique value proposition, because that’s where all your marketing should be pointed. Everything needs to reinforce the value of what you do and set you up as the top, unique performer in your market. Homeowners are buying your competence, personality, and effectivness.  If your slogan doesn’t fulfill that purpose, then what is it doing for you?

A slogan might have the opposite effect you’re expecting too. If it’s cheesy sounding and doesn’t project a credible, clear benefit, then your visitors will think you’re unprofessional and likely ineffective as a an agent/broker.  Therefore, your slogan is a lot like your search engine optimization strategy. It only works when it’s really good.

Online, your real estate slogan can be seen in articles or links on other web sites, and maybe within your Google Adwords text ads, if there’s enough space for it.

Corporate Slogans

Do you feel your brokerage’s slogan is good enough to generate enthusiasm and action in homeowners who see it? Can it really do everything you want to build clientelle in your specific market? A lot of agents just hide behind their corporate logo and slogan. Certainly, there is value in being a Remax or Royal Lepage branded agent. It does give homeowners confidence that the agent might act with integrity and that that corporate machine is working to generate buyers. However, your business and market is much more specific. You need something to refine the value the corporate logo and slogan create.

Here’s the REMAX slogan: Outstanding Agents. Outstanding Results. That’s to the point and not shabby really. It may be as good as a corporate slogan can get.

An agent can be more targeted and specific. You have clients in a specific city or community so maybe your slogan should be tied to that geo target?

If you’re targeting desperate home sellers, speed is of the essence. One agent had the slogan “Rocco the Rocket” and that get the point across.

A Realtor you can Trust.  That has a negative connotation and actually makes the prospect wary.

Helping You is What We Do.  How many homesellers want Help? They want good results.

Get the Real Story.  Targeting buyers of older properties with a questionable past?

The Gold Standard.  A vague, lofty claim of service. Too far from what homesellers want.

We Never Stop Moving. What does that mean? I didn’t know they were into moving. What about selling houses for the highest price?

Should your slogan target buyers or sellers? It’s unlikely, you’ll do both, just like you can’t really target more than one community in your city with one slogan.

Finding Your Dreamhome.  That’s what buyer’s want.

Selling Your Dream Home.


Selling Dallas Real Estate.  Targeted but what are the benefits? Sounds like a commodity. No differentiation.

Higher Standards.  Standards of what? Buyer’s standards are great selection, low price, great service.

So that’s a sampling of slogans that may or may not be working for the agents.

The key to a prolific slogan is the ultimate benefit for a targeted audience. General slogans are ignored. You have to stick your neck out and make a statement of benefits for your prospect.  Since listings are what you need, it makes more sense to target sellers with a slogan statement that really sets you apart from hundreds of other agents.

How about:

“Selling at above asking price 50% of the time”

“Maximum Exposure to the Right Buyers”

“The Recession Specialist”

“The Foreclosure King”

Time to get your real estate marketing effort going this year. Take a look at the suite of online marketing services offered by Realty Market Leader. What other goal should you have than to be a market leader?


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