iPhone vs Android

Tough Choices on Which Smartphone offers the best Value

Is your old cell phone plan expiring and you’re comparing iPhone vs Android Phones? Who has the best apps and which is the best phone? Well, the phone specs might be similar and iphone/ipad may have many more apps available. Think about what you really need as a realtor, and perhaps the choice becomes clearer.

Realtor App

Google’s android phones are selling like hotcakes, yet the demise some predicted of the iPhone isn’t happening. There’s still a big demand for iPhones across the world. Apple just released the iPhone 4s and has sold over 4 million of them. That’s billions of dollars in revenue for Apple. And with iPad sales continuing hot, the Apple brand is well fixed for the foreseeable future.

As an an agent or broker, you may be attracted to the price of an android phone or to the fact that many new Android apps are coming available.  Before you make an impulsive decision to buy an Android phone, consider the brand value of an iPhone or iPad. Presenting to clients is all about image and consumers love Apple. Android’s branding is not good mostly because Google allows many phone manfacturers to build Android phones instead of making them themselves. There’s no clear branding then and lots of awful phones will be using the Android system.  Androids  sell better in price-sensitive markets like India, but is this a brand you want to show your prospects? Branding is very important.

Apple iPhone 4s has some great new features and capabilities you’ll enjoy. The video is very good so you may be able to use it to take video of your properties. The glamorous branded iPad is impressive to show clients. You can set up slideshows and have a list of MLS properties ready for them to see and hand them the ipad.

If you were showing prospects a number of properties on a laptop, would you want to use a cheap $299 no name laptop with poor styling, or a 21″ screen Mac with all its glamor? Common sense tells us the stylish Mac creates a better brand impression. By the way, if you’re trying to decide between by driving them around in a Pontiac Firefly rather  than a BMW, you might find the BMW makes a slightly better impression.

iPhone vs Android Apps

htc android phoneThink about the key apps you need to use as a Realtor (email, slideshows, presentation, gps, voice notation, texting, video conferencing, mortgage calculator apps, and so on). Most of the apps promoters talk about are frivolous and will not help you make more and better contact with prospects and clients.

The iPhone is likely going to cost you more, but consider whether it delivers what you need. You may impress more people in the tech community with an Android phone purchase, but as a realtor you need to consider your personal branding and your connection with homebuyers.

What are the best iphone apps for real estate agents?  How’s your real estate market strategy for 2012? How is your real estate website performing?

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