Best Real Estate Apps – For Agents with iPhone iPad Android Blackberry and Windows Phone

Best Real Estate Agent Apps

Looking for the best real estate agent apps? There are a variety available for your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or Android phone. There are apps for your own use and those that will help you close a deal in person. Real estate apps can help you engage the client and keep the business conversation moving forward, particularly when you’re dealing with analytical type prospects who want some hard data. Visual emotional type clients will like the presentation tools with powerful graphics and audio features. Don’t forget to show your office’s video listings on your iPad.

Keynote – Success is all about presentation and sales. Keynote is a powerful presentation slideshow app allowing agents build persuasive presentations, pictures, tables or charts to help you close that sale. Keynote for iPad2 comes with 12 Apple-designed themes. A feature called Magic Move allows you to use animation as well. Keynotes is available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

6 in 1 Real Estate Calculator (for  Canadian Agents) – provides useful financial calculators so you can present clients with mortgage rates and payments.

Open House Manager – Lets you keep track of your open house and communicate with other agents in your office.

Mortgage Calculator – Offers simple spreadsheet templates for calculating 7 common mortgages and amortizations.

DropBox – An Android app that allow you to transfer your files between your computers and your mobile device so you can browse files in your Dropbox folder from anywhere.

Docusign – An App that allows you to create digitally signable documents for clients, so you avoid the delays of faxes and mail.

Real Estate Broker – A handy test app for those who want to go for their broker’s license. With 100 of the most recent and accurate exam-style questions, you’ll be much better prepared for your brokers exam. App for Android – When clients aren’t interested in your properties, it’s time to show them others or lose the prospect!  Finds and displays from over 3 million homes nationwide.

Siri Personal Assistant – This app is a voice activated application for the iPhone 4s. You can speak into your iPhone 4s and ask questions or tell it to call someone or send them a text message. Give SIRI an address and they’ll give you a map with directions. SIRI can speak as well. This app will be the killer app of the next 5 years.

EasyVT – This is a virtual tour software that allows you to upload photos directly from your iPhone 4s to the Virtual Tour providers listed in the app. Saves a lot of time.

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