iPhone 4s – Is it the Best Phone for Realtors?

iPhone 4s Getting some Good Reviews

The Google Android OS phones are selling briskly, but perhaps not as briskly by users who matter. Apple’s new iPhone 4s is hot with a good consumer demographic and its new features may be perfect for realtors. The Wall Street journal reports Apple sold 4 million iPhone 4s phones in the first 3 days of its release – a record for Apple. Compare that to Samsung’s sales of 10 million android phones in the first 5 months of its release.

iphone 4sApple is the world’s largest smartphone maker as measured by handsets.

iPhone 4s Features:

  • high definition video camera
  • iCloud storage service
  • 8 Mpixel Digital Still Camera – improved optics
  • Siri – Intelligent Assistant – Better than typing on the touchscreen
  • dual Core A5 chip – speeds up iPhone’s response
  • Apple iOS 5 – Newest mobile operating system
  • longer battery life because of A5 processor efficiency
  • capability to use Apple Digital AV Adapter for attachment to TV

Of all the improvements in the iPhone 4s, the intelligent assistant might be the most helpful. You can tell your iPhone to call someone by name, send text messages, use dictation to save your thoughts, and find a nearby business when you’re on the road (uses Google places). If you’re late for a showing or meeting with a prospect, you can just get Siri to send a text message or make the call to them. It learns and knows what to do.  If it can keep you out of a car accident, it’s worth it.

You may seriously want to give up your old stodgy Blackberry or your cheap Android phone after you’ve given iPhone 4 a test drive.  The Apple brand still has a lot of class and that  shows buyers you’re more than a business person or a tech geek but as well,  a classy person with good taste. The iPhone is very visual and they’re very popular and they’re a way to get interactive with your clients. Engaging clients in audio visual is a good way to perk their interest and build commitment to you. Older clients wanting to sell their home will be more likely to relate to an iPhone or an iPad and feel that you’re technologically with it.

Check out iPads to allow you to be more effective when you’re driving clients around to homes. You can use the real estate QR code recognition software (you’ll have to download it) to scan homes for sale and get the listing details.  There’s no doubt that mobile phone developers are working on getting SIRI to search mls listed homes for sale and return all the listing details. Siri can speak so it could verbally tell you the details.

Find out more about the best apps for realtors and more comparisons of Iphone vs Android phones.

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