Real Estate Agent Branding – Key To Maximum Leads and Sales

Real Estate Agent Brand Strategy Top selling real estate agents often have a great brand image and when you’re working with people, you want to have the characteristics they like.  A good brand comes down to trust, competence, credibility, and a unique value offer and top agents must have projected that well enough to generate … More Real Estate Agent Branding – Key To Maximum Leads and Sales

iPad Sales Records – A Lesson in Market Domination

Ipads, iPhones, and Ipod Touch most Sought Mobile Devices You can’t find a better example of the value of being a market leader than Apple and it’s popular iPad, iPhone and iPod products. I can still remember when Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy, a time when no one wanted their computers.  Jobs and … More iPad Sales Records – A Lesson in Market Domination

iPad 3

Apple’s Newest Version of iPad will Make You Want to Own One You should have an Apple iPad 3 just to show off to your real estate clients.  Talk about realtor brand differentiation, this is likely to make you more than memorable and with it. It’s more than functional giving you more powerful meetings and … More iPad 3

Toronto Real Estate – Boom in Listings Soon?

Toronto Home Sales Market Falling at a Quicker Pace Well, the expected slowdown in the GTA Toronto real estate market has started, but how will this pan out this spring? Toronto Housing Reports from TREB and CREA show a drop of 5% in home sales in January, yet prices haven’t really dropped. That’s because there’s … More Toronto Real Estate – Boom in Listings Soon?

Social Media Strategy

Creating a Social Media Strategy and Managing Social Media Activity Social Media is taking up more consumer and business owners time these days, yet there’s a lot of complaints about how time consuming it is.  Business owners can’t get their head wrapped around the complexity of social media and how to tame it. I was … More Social Media Strategy

US Housing Starts Rise

December’s Housing Starts up 9.3% US Commerce housing statistics for November have revealed a huge rise in housing starts lead by multifamily dwellings. The strong demand for apartment and condo rentals is behind the increase.  The good news pushed stock markets up strongly in trading on December 20.  With foreclosure rates still high, many Americans … More US Housing Starts Rise

Who has the Best 3rd Party Realtor VOW/CMS Hosting?

Who has the best website hosting service? Take the survey and contribute your thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of your provider. We’re collecting agents and brokers valuations and creating insights into which service is best  to help you make a better choice. The Realtor Hosting Survey is in 2 parts which you can take … More Who has the Best 3rd Party Realtor VOW/CMS Hosting? MLS Search

The website is one of the top visited Canadian real estate sites. It is owned and operated by the Canadian Real Estate Association.  (CREA) has over 100,000 Realtors (including brokers, agents, and salespeople) across Canada as members.  Visitors to can search for homes listed by local participating mls boards . Review of … More MLS Search

Real Estate Agent Survey

What’s Most Important to you for 2012? Other Polls: Social Media Canadian agents and home sellers should read up on and download the app.  US home searchers, download the app.  Find out more about the Seattle MLS, San Diego MLS, Los Angeles MLS, Houston MLS, Vancouver MLS, Edmonton MLS, and San Jose MLS associations.

Social Media and Search Engine Optimization

Internet Promotion Cheaper and Providing Better Reach Of all methods of promotion available to you today as an agent or broker, social media and Search Engine Optimization are easily the most cost-effective. And they make a great team. If you’re not doing all you can in these areas, you’re leaving the market to your competitors. … More Social Media and Search Engine Optimization