Real Estate Agent Survey

What’s Most Important to you for 2012? Other Polls: Social Media Canadian agents and home sellers should read up on and download the app.  US home searchers, download the app.  Find out more about the Seattle MLS, San Diego MLS, Los Angeles MLS, Houston MLS, Vancouver MLS, Edmonton MLS, and San Jose MLS associations. Advertisements

Social Media and Search Engine Optimization

Internet Promotion Cheaper and Providing Better Reach Of all methods of promotion available to you today as an agent or broker, social media and Search Engine Optimization are easily the most cost-effective. And they make a great team. If you’re not doing all you can in these areas, you’re leaving the market to your competitors. … More Social Media and Search Engine Optimization

Increasing Leads for Real Estate Agents

Target Niche Prospects and Build Rapport with Them In previous posts, I spoke about real estate lead conversion and client segmentation. Real Estate Lead Conversion covered some practical matters related to online lead conversion.  It has a list of items you need to review and implement to increase your calls and registrations .  It wets your appetite … More Increasing Leads for Real Estate Agents

Realtor Marketing – 2012 is a Big Opportunity

Fight Mediocrity with Better Marketing Results 2012 is a whole new year with plenty of promise for agents in the US and Canada. Whether your city market continues its stagnation or stellar growth isn’t the issue really.  Good or bad, your local real estate market offers incredible potential if you carry out your online marketing effectively. … More Realtor Marketing – 2012 is a Big Opportunity

Real Estate Business Financing

BDC Canada Frees up 200 Million for Small Businesses The Business Development Bank is a Canadian Federal government corporation which was created to provide investment funding for small business and medium size enterprises. Initially, BDC was more about helping Canadian companies with export potential.  The company just announced a new program to provide funding for … More Real Estate Business Financing

Do Realtor Associations Deliver Good Value?

Realtor Associations Struggling Too Ask a real estate agent or broker what they think of their realtor associaton and you probably won’t get a positive statement.  Some feel their local realtor association is there only to take monthly membership fees and deliver little of value in return.  If you check out any realtor association website … More Do Realtor Associations Deliver Good Value?

Custom IDX

Is Custom IDX Worth the Expense? Custom IDX is the process of programming display of mls listed properties on a realtor’s website. Realtors can pay a fee to their local mls provider for access to the mls database. The idx programmer can then create displayable home listings on the realtor’s site. Not all realtors have … More Custom IDX

Real Estate Niches

Dominating Estate Niches a Key Strategy for Realtors Review most realtors websites and you’ll see that they’re all trying to be generalists trying to win every type of sale, in any neighbourhood, in any city, type of buyer, ethnicity, gender, lifestyle, or type of property sought.  Micromarkets or niches can be incredible opportunities yet realtors … More Real Estate Niches