Condo Developments Vancouver

I’m back on leadsandsales for 2016 and looking forward to helping realtors sell condos, homes and properties across North America. I offer premium grade digital marketing services including content strategy, social media strategy, SEO, copywriting, link building and visual inbound marketing collateral.

vancouvercondos-969-Burrard_5This initial post is about new condominiums in Vancouver. Vancouver continues building its reputation as one of the world’s best cities with creative designs, innovative features from some of the world’s foremost architects. Demand for condos is heavy.

What excites condo buyers is the wonderful, simple, efficient lifestyle these new condominiums offer. And when they’re located in Vancouver’s most prestigious neighbourhoods, that makes it irresistible, especially to Asian investors.

Toronto is going through its own condo renaissance, although it seems the GTA is seeing construction of a greater variety and much larger size. One development called the ICE condos in downtown Toronto offers 1200 units. These are more like self-contained cities with gargantuan building operations systems.  However, what many buyers want is something that many realtors don’t realize — the views. The views in Both Vancouver and Toronto are excellent, however Vancouver’s combination of beaches, waterfront harbours, and snow capped mountains creates awesome views.


See more amazing condo developments in Vancouver. Maybe Vancouver will be your next home?


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