15 of the Best Real Estate Call to Action (CTA) Statements

Creating the Best Real Estate Call to Action

calltoactionbuttonHow effective is your Call To Action on your site? You’ve worked hard to create a great website or social page, so let visitors come and go without connecting with you is a shame. This post is about helping you increase your lead conversion rate by optimizing the final stages of your lead funnel strategy.

One of the weakest parts of an agent’s real estate website lead conversion funnel is the call to action. The CTA is the last step and perhaps most important step. Your visitor needs to understand what to do next and you need to assert that you are ready to serve their needs.

Many realtors don’t really have a call to action. They assume the visitor is interested, motivated, and is determined to contact them.  But even high quality visitors might be more interested in at least delaying contact with the agent. You need an obvious and strong call to action to get them now, because they may never be back.  That finality is what makes some ecommerce websites so aggressive with their appeal to their visitor.

Make them an offer they can’t refuse — The Godfather

CTA’s should be used on all your digital marketing properties:

  1. email
  2. contact page
  3. services page
  4. Twitter page
  5. Facebook page
  6. Linkedin page

Alignment with your Content

Real estate websites tend to look the same, similar bland content, and with a weak value proposition and brand.  There’s not really any compelling reason to contact you the agent, therefore you need a strong call to action.   If you have excellent engaging content, it should lay the groundwork for action. In fact, your CTA should align with the sales conversion process you’ve built into your content and it should enhance your UVP like icing on a birthday cake.

It’s  demonstrated/proven your value and given the homeowner or buyer the belief that people win when they call you. This builds their intent.

Guiding your Customer to the The Solution They Need

Your strong call to action gets them to follow through on the intent you’ve magnified. Think hard about the value they’re going to get from you and pivot your CTA on that.

The call to action is the statement or push to focus the visitor’s purpose and resolve their need. You have to give them the motivation first through your content, then tell them what they need to do to make their activity/mission successful.  They’re online for a purpose but they might not be clear about what they should do. Everyone can be persuaded and convinced, if you can keep interacting with them.

What is it you want visitors to do? You have to be sure of the end goal and whether you’ve given them enough reason and desire to contact you. Contacting you should be your top priority because if they don’t, they’ll be gone forever. You’ve got to make as many prospects as possible contact you.

Weak Call to Action
This is the typical templated real estate hosted by the top real estate hosting company. The content of their About Us page has only a weak call to action “To start working with an agent right away, please contact us.” The About Us page should have a directive appropriate for visitors who want to know more about you. Here you might tell them to see your testimonials, sales awards, and community involvement.

The call to action should be fairly simple yet still match your unique value proposition. “Call Now” by itself is quick and simple but that’s a command not a call to action. The call to action has to be an extension of the desire and last link in the train of urgency you’ve created in the prospect. It’s the sensible conclusion.

What are the Best Call to Action Directives?

  1. Get a Free online market evaluation now!
  2. Get the more important details on this home now
  3. Call now to find out what similar homes on your street have sold for
  4. Get all the local market information you need to make the best decision
  5. Want to know how to get better than asking price?
  6. How do you make the winning offer? Ask me How
  7. Find out how to get the seller to pay for closing costs
  8. Call me now to discuss how I will sell your home for more
  9. Find out which houses you do not want to buy in [community]
  10. What’s the best way to get multiple offers and a bidding war?
  11. Get a fast, customized list of homes that meet your personal specifications
  12. Confused about buying in your area? Ask me your question
  13. Want to know about how I negotiated my best real estate deals? Ask me.
  14. View luxury listings in [community, neighborhood] now
  15. What do the MLS listing details not tell you? I know. Call me now.

Don’t forget to make your call to action visible. You can make bold statements as long as you can back them up.  It’s wise to push the envelope on what you’re willing to offer. Someone else will be offering something good as well.

When using graphic buttons, ensure they’re professionally designed if you can afford it. The designer will make one that is eye catching, using the right color, contrasts, and shape to appeal to your home buyers.

Check out Hubspot’s list of call to action examples.

Make sure you leave a comment on your best call to action on your real estate site. Ask me to critique your site lead conversion and assess your call to action. Spring 2012 is almost here. Is this going to be a great sales season for you?

See more Real Estate Lead Conversion Tips, Registration Page Optimization, and increasing leads . What’s your social media strategy? What are the top iphone apps for realtors?


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