How Big Money Gets the Job Done

Mattamy Homes President Donates 40 Million Dollars to Charity

Yes, I just had to tell you how you can get top rankings on Google right away and push other websites down the rankings. You just make a high profile donation that journalists and real estate writers will gladly write about it and link to your website. Huge cash donations are definitely buzzworthy and this has already produced 1000’s of citations. Normally Mattamy Homes has the top spot in searches for “mattamy homes” and they are a major residential home builder in the Toronto area.  There are a lot of searches for Mattamy homes.

After the donation was made, see how the rankings changed.

This is a good example of how good deeds can really help with organic link building although you can better performance for your link building budget by hiring an SEO.  Consider all the little things you might do for a local charity or community organization, then report the general event or activity to your local newspapers, and mention it on your facebook, twitter, and website pages. If you have $40 mil to donate then make sure you have me plan your event to get the best bang for your buck 🙂


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