Warren Buffet Says Boom Times in Real Estate Ahead

The World’s Wealthiest Man Gives Real Estate the Thumbs Up

In an interview with CNBC, the Oracle of Omaha  says real estate investment will far outperform other investment vehicles.  Buffett said single-family homes in the US are cheap and attractive investments while treasury bills, gold or cash are not going to fare well in the coming years. He said he would like to buy hundreds of thousands of homes at current prices then sell them years ahead.

However, he saw what is the biggest problem for large scale property management/investment — that homes located all over the place are difficult to manage and would entail a lot of risk and expense. Here’s a great opportunity for an enterprising agent/broker to team up with a property management company 0r some real estate investors.

The coming demand will come from the growing disatisfaction of people living with their inlaws or those renting and not having any investment equity.  In 2011, the annual pace of housing starts in the US was 609,000 a lot less than the household formation of 1.14 million. That’s a lot of people without their own home.

Warren Buffett Real Estate Prediction

I wouldn’t imagine that will stop a lot of hungry real estate investors who are determined to make a fortune in real estate. And let’s face it, real estate is where the real money is made, and these big growth phases in the market don’t come along very often. It’s all about being ready and well positioned to capitalize on a market that will outpace all else. If Warren Buffet is all abuzz about it, then maybe you have all the motivation you need to maximize your niche in real estate sales.

Will you be working with the growing hoards of property management and small real estate investors?  Without exposure online and the ability to establish and build relationships online, you’re looking from outside in.

Are you wondering about where to take your real estate sales career? Hundreds of thousands of agents will fumble through this next boom in the real estate market without the digital tools to create leads, automate lead management, generate sales,  and build client loyalty. These are the basics of a solid, long lasting and successful real estate career.


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