Social Media Strategy for Business

Consumers, Clients and Purchase Influencers are All Online


It’s not just homebuyers that are online today.  Stats show that most consumers have an increasing reliance on digital devices to connect socially, get informed, and manage their lives. From iPads to Android phones to their laptops, they search and connect 24 hours  a day. As these devices improve and businesses offer mobile friendly sites/social media pages, they’ll use them even more.

For any business not to have a top notch presence online is risky. A business without a well trafficked, highly ranked, and social active website is bound to be valuated lower by customers and investors. A realtor with a strong website will often be considered more relevant  to buyers and sellers than one who has  just a broker contact page.  On a continuum then, where do you think you should be on the “presence scale?”

Social Media

One recent study showed that almost 40% of businesses don’t have a social media strategy.  That’s probably low. I doubt few companies could even visualize or formulate a social media strategy. It’s complex and social media vehicles keep changing and mutating.  A lot of work for some and very confusing for most. And we don’t want to get into the matter of how many social savvy marketers are destroying their brands and customer relationships with bad social media marketing.

I think the difficulty and fear of social media is actually stopping a lot of companies from planning their overall online/offline marketing campaigns well because they’re confused about the direction of marketing and promotion. It’s like a nagging pain or itch that distracts you as you go about your work.  Companies have turned away from SEO because they’ve heard that social media is now the way to do online marketing. Budgets are getting reduced, skewed, and scattered. Some are neglecting search engine marketing because of the promise of cheap social media marketing.  Well, social media marketing isn’t cheap and it still hasn’t proved it’s anywhere nearly effective as SEO and PPC in generating new leads and sales. What social media is good for is in building brands, engaging customers and maintaining customer loyalty. That is if it’s done well. So that’s why you and your brokerage need a good social media strategy. Is your brokerage providing that customer loyalty/brand leadership in social media?

I know: “My brokerage doesn’t do anything for me!

All businesses have some issue regarding the value they offer, and today, customers are value conscious. Social media is a great way to establish value in customers minds.  If your commission and sales ability is the issue, then this might be the goal of your social media strategy.  Combining SEO and social media can help you get that clear branding message out there – that you can deliver value.

The best way to get on top of the whole social media quagmire and conquer it, is to work with an agency or a good consultant.  The key to good social media usage is how it supports your brand, to communicate, sharpen, and increase the value of your brand. And it’s about building good relationships and keeping them moving in a positive direction.  There are some very good agencies who focus on social media campaigns, however you’ll have to determine what your budget can accommodate. If your real issue is a lack of visitors on your website, don’t neglect your SEO efforts. That’s the fountainhead of your future social media campaign.


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