iPad Launch March 7

Apple’s Latest iPad Device Coming Soon

Apple’s Branding has Lots to Teach you as a Realtor

Apple is likely going to announce the release of it’s latest version of the iPad tablet and a lot of people will be eager to buy it. The main reason I mention the new iPad 3, is not just because it is a device that can add immeasurably to your branding and sales efforts as an agent.  The ipad / iphone apps offer lots of functionality such as the ability to show homes to clients while you’re with them face to face.  You get differentiated from the crowd and they get to see homes in incredibly high resolution — the iPad 3 will have an incredible 2048 x 1356 pixel resolutions and may have full 1028 hi res video.  Great for wowing prospects with a home’s beauty — of course you’ll have to upgrade your photography.

The iPad 3 buzz showcases the Apple brand – and it’s the brand image of Apple that I wanted to talk about. By now, Google Android should have taken over the market, but it hasn’t. Google had everything going for it with with the Google branding power, cheap devices, lots of apps and open source code for developers, and lots of phone devices to put their software on.  They even let the smartphone manufacturers do their marketing for them. Where Google failed is in the clarity and focus of their brand, and Facebook has lowered the value of their brand.

Apple on the other hand is focused. They make the phones and the software and the brand has built up such an astonishing prestige and strength, it seems unstoppable. Consumers recently were even stampeding in China to buy the new iPhone 4s. China isn’t supposed to be a viable market for the $600 iphone but they love it over there too.  Apple’s brand is very strong and people love the company and anything it makes. I believe Apple stock will rise well beyond $500 when the iPad 3 sales pick up steam. They’ve done it again with a device that overshadows all others.

They’re a Market Leader.

Branding is more than a Logo or Graphic Style

If you think branding is a logo, then take another look at the Apple logo and ask yourself whether it represents anything to you? I don’t even know what the bite out of the apple means? But it doesn’t matter to me. I wanted the iPhone not an Android from Samsung or whoever.  The word Android is irrelevant to most consumers and its kind of impersonal. The iPhone was the first to come up with the big glass touch screen and it is the one believe is the real Internet Phone.

The Latest Apple Logo

The appeal and functionality of the device makes any logo irrelevant, in fact the lgo may actually detract from the brand. Apple might consider some eco-friendly symbol to represent its new devices or how about a social type of symbol? It might not be too long before we see a smartphone with the Facebook logo on it, but it wouldn’t overcome Apple’s popularity. Whatever the price, people will pay for it.




Here’s what marketing minds says about the Apple brand:

The Apple Brand Personality

Apple has a branding strategy that focuses on the emotions. The Apple brand personality is about lifestyle; imagination; liberty regained; innovation; passion; hopes, dreams and aspirations; and power-to-the-people through technology. The Apple brand personality is also about simplicity and the removal of complexity from people’s lives; people-driven product design; and about being a really humanistic company with a heartfelt connection with its customers.

Well, that’s their description but the Apple brand is a powerful, complex image in my head and has nothing to do with the logo. If you’re getting your business cards, flyers, or website done you might be asking the designer about the logo as if that will be your realtor brand.  Increasingly though, I think a logo is a very limited and ineffective way to brand.  A million other agents could have a similar logo (including your Remax or Century 21 logo) so it’s ability to differentiate and promote you is questionable.

Branding is heading in the direction of images, sounds, words, and events that create a multi-dimensional memory in consumers minds. This is what social media marketing is really about. Social media is active, visual, and personal so it’s potential to promote is strong.

Since social media is important to your 2012 marketing efforts, consider hiring a social media marketer with a solid plan for building your realtor brand image.  That campaign should help power up your SEO, MLS leads, and client loyalty.


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