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Are you searching for homes or condos via your mobile phone?  Download the MLS app for iPhone, Android, Windows 7 and iPad.  Collectively, the MLS app for all these phones let you search in the target city, neighborhood, or the latest listings for your favorite real estate brokerage or agent. All your MLS listing information is available including pictures of properties.  There are rival real estate apps including the  Zillow app  and the Trulia App and you can download those apps for free too. Newer apps are being developed now that allow realtors to add value for home hunters. App

The app is a real estate app for your Apple, Android or Windows allowing you to view the same MLS listings from You can peruse over 3 million homes for sale, rentals, and millions more property records and other types of real estate via your phone. The MLS mobile app is a free download so that you are free to find the real estate information you need whenever and wherever you need it. You can download on itunes, Android market, or the Windows Phone Marketplace.

MLS App for iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile Phones
MLS App for iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile Phones’s mobile MLS app uses the phone’s GPS functionality to show properties wherever you go making your active search on the road that much more productive.  This app makes it easy to save a home or condo listing  you’re interested in to your account,  or send it to your friends and family via email, Facebook or Twitter.

* The app for Apple ios phones and tablets has just been upgraded.    Home hunters can identify foreclosed listings and price reductions and app also features a new Nearby Recently Sold search on the home page.  Sold data may be available on the app as soon as 24 hours after closing.   The MLS app’s Area Scout feature is more prominent in the navigation and it updates a map with new listings as you travel  around a neighborhood.  The Area Highlighter has also been put on the home screen and it allows the user to draw a border around a specific area on the map to isolate listings within that specific boundary.

iPad 3 – Great Way to Surf the Web or View Home Listings No Matter Where you Are

The new iPad 3 will offer many new features however even the soon to be discounted iPad 2 is very user friendly.  If you have the iPad 2, you’ll enjoy the widescreen viewing of homes and condos. You won’t see video on the MLS app however viewing pictures is great. The iPad 3 will have twice the resolution of the iPad 2 giving users exceptional clarity of hi res photographs offered on real estate websites. and most realtor websites however do not carry hi res photos because of the large file size and bandwidth concerns.

The MLS on iPad lets you:

  • Use the powerful, data-rich search & full-page mapping capabilities  using the Area Highlighter, Area Scout, Nearby Homes for Sale, Foreclosures, and Recently Sold Properties
  • Zoom in on the map to see recently sold homes and condos for sale
  • View the large gallery views of properties
  • Find price-reduced condos, land, and homes for sale with new map pins and listing indicators
  • Save your favorite listings and searches
  • Save time by having the “Viewed” indicator so you don’t review homes you have already seen

If you are about to buy the iPad 3, you’ll be pleased with its outstanding features. Even for real estate agents, the iPad provides an in person, multimedia tour of homes allowing the agent to provide  insight into the value of properties while you’re there with them in person.


Do you have any questions about the MLS or in Canada?  Vancouver home prices are still a great investment. Check available Vancouver MLS listings now.  Live in Mississauga and need a Mississauga real estate agent?

Progressive real estate agents in Vancouver, SeattleLos AngelesSan DiegoEdmonton, Las Vegas, Denver, or San Francisco, it’s very important to leverage the power of mobile real estate marketing. Some of the Mobile MLS apps allow customized, personal branding which allows you to impress your clients and inevitably reach more buyers via smartphones and iPads.  Power up your social media and SEO promotion with Realty Market Leader.


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