Real Estate Agent Branding – Key To Maximum Leads and Sales

Real Estate Agent Brand Strategy

Top selling real estate agents often have a great brand image and when you’re working with people, you want to have the characteristics they like.  A good brand comes down to trust, competence, credibility, and a unique value offer and top agents must have projected that well enough to generate completed sales.

An agent with a bad brand image is one who appears to have the traits buyers and sellers don’t want to have anything to do with.  Normally, you can’t do much about your skin color, age, lack of hair, height, weight, brokerage, gender, or appearance, so compensating with strengths in other areas may help you get past people’s common prejudices. A strong brand can overcome consumer’s prejudices and launch your career through the glass ceiling that you thought could forever hold you back.

Relying on your photograph as your key branding tool leaves you stuck with consumer’s prejudices. Which of these agents below would you like to work with? Now you know about prejudice.  Your branding strategy can help you deal with all this and turn down the volume on prejudices/preferences that previously lost client opportunities.

What is the ideal Realtor Image? A face can say a thousand words, however an Agent needs to be more than a pretty face.

Strategic Brand Image Development for Realtors

If your branding consultant just talks web design and can’t articulate the fundamentals of personal branding and building your persona, then you need to find a consultant who can. The details of your personal realtor brand is composed of brand values integrated according to an effective strategy.  A brand only exists when it is focused according to the brand plan.

Some real estate professionals are using Facebook to boost their brand image and reach prospects and clients while others are developing flashy new blogs and websites.  A polished web presence is very smart, yet even that might not do it. There are plenty of agents who have lousy websites and still convert leads so there’s more going on here than meets the eye. In fact, you may have already faced this frustration, wondering why your website isn’t generating leads.

First of all, websites are a dime a dozen, and a blog or Facebook page can actually harm your brand image. Facebook pages are difficult to make unique so they make you look just another sheep in the pen. You need to look conforming to a certain degree but you have to stand out from the crowd in a relevant way.

Why can’t I just show one or two agents who really have the branding thing down? Because buyers are different genders, age, incomes, nationalities, race, and have unique personalities. You can’t be all things to all prospects so good branding may require focusing on specific market niches. You’ll need to decide on how to approach them.

You can focus on urban condos and lofts (end products) or you can focus on community involvement (personal affinity). You can also try to incorporate many brand values into your strategy, however you need an overall game plan. But first, consider the basics of your new powerful brand image.

Brand Values

  • Top Sales
  • Personable – friendly
  • Attractive/Interested
  • Helpful/Generosity
  • Low Commission
  • Experience
  • Trustworthy/Honest
  • Connected/Social
  • Effective/Successful

These traits above are what you use to create your brand persona.  Your brand persona is what advertising people envision to create effective characters in ads. You have to embody the traits that home buyers and sellers prefer.

Think about what the most powerful images, words, and activities describe the ideal persona for you.  Your web design should revolve around those images, pictures, colors, and words.  Building your web design first is a mistake.

Perhaps this is one reason why real estate agents avoid unique web designs? If you don’t know who you are professionally, how can you decide on a design that represents you?

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