Open House Manager for iPad

Open Houses a Great Lead Generation Strategy

If you don’t like some aspects of open houses as a tactic to create buyers and to create new clients, you’re missing out on a key way to improve your business. The number of people searching for open houses may be limited and many of them may be dreamers rather than buyers, however a certain percentage are qualified buyers. That’s particularly true when they’ve had a chance to peruse your property listings online and like what they see. If they’ve come through,, or the  MLS listings then they are interested.  It may be some work to convert open house leads, but over a full year, it is bound to pay off with some sales.

The quality of open house leads may depend on the quality of the MLS and your own website. If some visitors are a security threat and are unqualified time wasters, then your lead generation channel is not working. It’s time to review where you’re getting your leads from.

To increase the quality of your open house leads, advertise under high quality keyword phrases – be specific if you’re using Google adwords. If Google organic is giving you leads, rewrite your title tag, meta description and the copy in your pages to help you screen out poor quality leads. Describe the ideal buyer for that home and qualify who should come to the open house. Triflers will screen themselves out.

Triflers are a big problem in any area of marketing. You need to subtlely turn off triflers by asking something from them. Ask them to register for the open house or ask them for permission to contact you. Triflers generally don’t like phone calls or any kind of commitment.  Ask them about themselves. Ask them specifically what type of home and price range they’re interested in. Triflers don’t really know and will avoid the question.  Serious, intent buyers won’t mind  revealing some information — they’re on a mission to find their dream home.

Although open houses advertised via yard signs isn’t as popular today, the technique of using open houses to generate clients is still worthwhile.  The Internet and these mobile open house apps below can help you access many potential clients who are out and looking for homes. Refine your filter strategy and serve the relevant ones.

Open House Management Apps

Open House Manager and Open Home Pro are software applications which you can mange via your PC, Mac, iPad, or mobile phone. It was developed by  IUWow and you the agent can create Open House listings and share them with your current clients and new prospects by email within application. The problem with how most agents handle open houses is they don’t promote them enough and they’re never sure whether anyone will show up. If no one shows up, it is embarrassing since your client may wonder whether you are competent in marketing their home for sale.

Open House Manager

Open House Manager App for Mobile Phones - Android iPhone iPad

Open House Manager App offers these features:

– Intuitive interface simplies data entry for visitors.
– Custom questionairre design for email, phone number, checkbox and option questions.
– Synchronize visitor information with Apple’s Address Book or Microsoft Outlook 2003 & 2007 which can be uploaded to your CRM system!
– email marketing to potential buyers – notify them of price drops or other properties they might be interested in.
– Homeowner Email Report – send homeowner a report with the number of visitors and the comments on their house.
– collect visitor list  (including CSV formatted file).

Open Home Pro offers these features:

• Manage all of your leads from referrals to ones you meet at open houses
• Automatically followup with leads using new contact methods that get opened and read more than 2x the industry average
• Create beautiful listing pages for all of your properties that buyers can leave feedback on or get in touch with you with one click.
• Export any collected data to excel or a CRM like top producer with one click

Open Home Pro App for iPad, iPhone or Android

It’s time to leverage a great opportunity to impress your sales clients and generate new client leads with these mobile apps.  As a tech savvy agent, you’re creating the right brand image to give you market leadership.

It’s time to look at how MLS mobile apps can help you generate and convert leads. Learn more about the app, app, and the Trulia mobile app.  Discover the best ipad apps for realtors and apps for the new iPhone 4S.


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