iPad Sales Records – A Lesson in Market Domination

Ipads, iPhones, and Ipod Touch most Sought Mobile Devices

You can’t find a better example of the value of being a market leader than Apple and it’s popular iPad, iPhone and iPod products. I can still remember when Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy, a time when no one wanted their computers.  Jobs and company turned it around and Apple is now the world’s most valuable enterprise with a market cap of $460 billion, which is $8 Billion more than Google. Apple’s stock just rose above $500 a share and many believe Apple  iTV and the iPad 3 will drive shares to new record highs.

It is the iPad 3 that may be the key to their brand in 2012. That’s because it is clearly differentiated and popular and it lends so many benefits to business and consumer users. It is the product that is closest to consumers – and more specifically to realtors. Social media users might start to call their iPad their bff.

And it’s not like the iPad brand has reached its peak. It’s just starting.

Apple announced sales of 20.34 million iPhones in the last quarter of 2011, a 142 % unit growth over last quarter 2010. They also sold 9.25 million iPads during the quarter, a 183 % unit increase over last quarter of 2010 and they sold 3.95 million Macs during the quarter, a 14 % unit increase over the last quarter of 2010.  Apple makes its own products whereas Google only supplies the operating systems for mobile phones. Apple also sold 7.54 million iPods, however that it is a 20 % unit decline from the year-ago quarter.  Ipods weak differentiation from other competing products means its market leadership is vulnerable.

Apple Store
The Apple in NY - an Iconic Structure that Differentiates the Apple Brand

The key thing about Apple’s incredible success is that it’s introducing millions of people to the web in a new way. Now people are able to keep their web browser and favorite apps with them all the time. They can attach their iPads to their TVs and they can share their favorite websites with their friends and family members right away. The inconvenience of the PC, Mac, or laptop is gone which is why sales of traditional computers has fallen.

Apple has built the world’s most powerful brand. It’s a brand that has so many dimensions – a trait real estate agents should be developing for their own success. The Apple brand demonstrates conclusively that a strong brand can beat strong, well funded competitors (Google, Sony, Microsoft) who seemingly have every competitive and technological advantage. Google’s brand as you can see here is falling, probably because everyone assumed it would beat Apple. Now that it hasn’t, people are getting more confident and comfortable with Apple products. They’re continually so innovative that consumers don’t believe they’ll be obsolete anytime soon.

Top Global Brands

“Without the brand, Apple would be dead,” said Marc Gobe, author of Emotional Branding and principal of d/g Worldwide. “Absolutely. Completely. The brand is all they’ve got. The power of their branding is all that keeps them alive. It’s got nothing to do with products.”

What are the brand components that makes Apple so powerful? I think the products themselves do help. They were first to market and they’re still stylish. When you think of Apple though, you get images of creativity, flashy next generation products, family connections, internet connectivity, upward mobility, social connection, and technological mastery. Those brand values were available for Google to claim and exploit, but Google’s never been about family and social connections (which is why Google + is suffering). Apple got the early jump and it will be impossible to bump them out of the lead spot.

See the top apps for realtors now.

Real Estate Domination Models – Google or Apple?

Looking for conceptual models for your own realtor brand development? These 2 companies are great models for your brand strategy – Google with its informational ubiquity and Apple with its feel good warm and fuzzy feelings. Realtors are recognizing that Google isn’t providing the way it once did so being number one on Google isn’t enough anymore. Being king of the MLS isn’t going to do it either although top visibility and customer access to listings is vital. Your brand is the key to getting them to contact you and stay on as a repeat customer.

Your fellow real estate agents also have access to great web and mobile technology so technology will not convey an advantage in a few years time. It is very important that you adopt and leverage these new technologies since you always want to be an early adopter and market leader. That momentum carries on to generate sales and success for the rest of this decade.  What is your 5 and 10 year career goal?

Look at your sales career long term and you’ll see why new technology is important.  Recessions end and consumer’s behavior changes. The Internet and the recesssion has certainly changed how home buyers look for homes and what they expect from agents. Build your brand to appeal to these important, affluent, and tech savvy buyers and sellers. Using social media is yet another brand boosting tactic you need to integrate into your real estate marketing.

If you’re an agent and own an iPad, it tells your clients that you’re “with it” and these devices are just plain customer friendly. Make sure you get customers to your website to build customer loyalty. Your property videos will look great on the new high resolution iPad 3 screens.  You can save your ultra hi resolution videos on your iPad and show prospects on the iPad. Hi res video takes too long to download over wifi or cellular connections.

Learn more about the Realtor.com app, Realtor.ca app, and the Trulia mobile app.  Discover the best ipad apps for realtors and apps for the new iPhone 4S.


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