Mobile App Growth – Real Estate

Mobile Usage Trend in Real Estate Grows Strongly

The growing use of mobile devices for viewing real estate websites and accessing MLS listings is growing strong. This graphic below shows growth in mobile visits to a real estate web site over time, and reveals an even stronger growth curve for the ever popular Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices. Add to this trend the fact that home buyers are accessing mobile applications created by Zillow, Redfin,,, and Trulia means the mobile real estate revolution has arrived.

Mobile Real Estate Access Trends
Mobile Real Estate Access Trends - Growth of iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch is dramatic. This graph doesn't show mobile real estate app usage.

Realtors, check out iPad apps to allow you to be more effective when you’re driving clients around to homes. There’s no doubt that mobile phone developers are working on getting Applie iPhone’s SIRI app to search mls listed homes for sale and return all the listing details. Siri can speak so it could verbally tell you the details.

Find out more about new real estate apps for realtors and more comparisons of Iphone vs Android phones.  Vancouver real estate realtors are enjoying a high growth period with growth in new listings and can benefit from utilizing professional level real estate seo. From search engine optimization to content development and mls optimization, Realty Market Leader can make a big difference to your success.


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