iPad 3

Apple’s Newest Version of iPad will Make You Want to Own One

You should have an Apple iPad 3 just to show off to your real estate clients.  Talk about realtor brand differentiation, this is likely to make you more than memorable and with it. It’s more than functional giving you more powerful meetings and presentations to clients or new prospects. It is as cool as any mobile device gets and having the Apple brand rub off on you and your realty business is value added.  Since realtors have such personal contact with clients and since you’re showing expensive properties, it makes sense to go first class with the iPad 3.

The newest version of the wildly popular will have some excellent upgrades to make it faster, last longer, and the display will have phenomenal clarity.  The ipad 3 release date is sometime in March. The iPad 2 with wifi sells for $519 to $600, but no one is sure what the new iPad 3 price will be.

iPad 3
The latest version of the iPad will have some amazing features for both realtors and for homebuyers.

From the TV interfacing capability to the new SIRI virtual assistant app, the iPad 3 is becoming the most useful mobile device ever. If you’re an agent who feels little enthusiasm about these new mobile gadgets, consider that homebuyers and homesellers love them. They can take them to the beach, cottage, coffee house, grandma’s house, or their deck at home.  You don’t have to lug around a laptop.

When home sellers see that you’re internet savvy, it’s bound to make an impression.  If you can get your customers and prospects to use your website or apps, it’s another way to keep you relevant and top of mind.  Prospects with iPads and iPhones will see a certain sympatico between you and them. Don’t dismiss how powerful compatibility and shared experience is.  The more affinity you have with these affluent and technology happy people, the better.

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iPad 3 Features

One of the neatest features of the iPad is the 2 way camera which allows you to video conference. That is tremendously useful for business people who need to arrange virtual meetings and make the meetings effective.  iPad 3 users can surf the web, check email, or get directions via Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity.  Your clients will love playing high resolution property videos and pics, while having you right there to answer their questions. It’s just like being right beside on their own computer at home while their house surfing!

iPad 3 will offer a 178 degree viewing angle and a 9.7 inch, ultrahigh screen resolution of 2048×1536 pixels for stunning images and high definition video.  The ipad’s battery is expected to last longer than the current 10 hour capacity and with Siri, you can just speak your question and get a useful answer. Reports suggest the iPad 3 will run on several 4G speed networks such as  AT&T and Verizon in the US, and Rogers in Canada.

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