Real Estate Sales Training

How Do You Make Yourself Relevant to Prospects?

With the peak sales season coming soon, agents might want to brush up on their sales strategy and techniques.  Staying relevant in a tight market or outcompeting the competition isn’t easy.  A lot of sales people are very sure they have their sales game down pat and that they can convert leads without even thinking about it, but it’s never been harder to create good leads and convert them.

Maybe now is the right time to look into sales training. Craig Proctor is one sales guru with training courses and Tom Ferry is yet another. Craig Proctor has free seminars throughout the country. It might be worth to attend just to get yourself out of a sales rut (if you’re in one).  Here’s an example of his system (his main technique was to guarantee the sale of the home which may not work well right now. You need more to your unique value proposition.

One of the main benefits of further training is getting focused on the new market environment. The Internet is making MLS information ubiquitous and attitudes toward agents and brokers is more critical and demanding. The consumer has different expectations and may want something for nothing. So what specifically are the prospects expectations?

Another sale expert you might want to check out is Jill Konrath. She has some great sales advice.  Her book “Selling to Big Companies” is an excellent read and might give you a broader outlook on sales, especially if you’re selling to investors, who think a lot like CEOs in making investment decisions.

Both Proctor and Konrath talk about “no more mister nice guy” approaches that are going to be necessary in 2012.  I suspect they’re really talking about getting focused and ensuring the client is focused too. Marketing focus could be the key.  After an agent has been played by a seller against another agent for instance, you can see how being pushy and getting a commitment is the way to go. But you won’t get a commitment from them unless your unique value proposition is on target.

Dominating and Offering the Best UVP

Many agents have plenty of web traffic and others have great reach via newspaper ads yet why do some agents do so well why others flounder?  I believe there is a trend where the top agents are getting more of the available market. They have more agents working for them and have greater reach. Their lead funnel is wider and with the resources they have, they’re better able to convert.

So improving your sales strategy is important. From your UVP to your website copy to your telephone conversations, you can improve and perhaps these sales gurus can help you create and focus your unique value proposition.  It really is all about your UVP.

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