Social Media and Search Engine Optimization

Internet Promotion Cheaper and Providing Better Reach

Of all methods of promotion available to you today as an agent or broker, social media and Search Engine Optimization are easily the most cost-effective. And they make a great team. If you’re not doing all you can in these areas, you’re leaving the market to your competitors. If you don’t have the time or expertise to utilize these channels well, you should hire someone who does.

Top Social Media Channels for Real Estate Agents

As the above graphic shows, realtors are already involved with social media and suggests they’re comfortable with it. The question it doesn’t ask is whether realtors are using social media well.  A shoddy, non-strategic effort could actually be undermining their professional image.

Your facebook page just might be a hit to your former clients and to many new ones. You can use it to develop closer relationships, stay in touch, and to create leads. Is it a lot of work?  Yes, especially if you want to be better than your competitors. If you look at how pervasive social media sites are now, it is hard to ignore them in your business. You really need to commit to social media for real estate.

SEO is a complex matter of writing words and linking pages. It involves tuning your website content so that it resonates to words such as real estate, homes for sale, home listings, foreclosures, short sales, house for sale, condos for sale, etc.  The higher your pages rank near the top, the more traffic you’ll get and the higher quality leads you’ll get. If you don’t rank well, the leads may not be as good quality. But a lead is a lead, and the real matter is whether your site has what it takes to engage your visitors and make them want to contact you or return to your site.

SEO Still Tops for Online Lead Generation

A search engine examines about 100 variables with respect to your website or blog and weights them in varying degrees. Therefore, what puts one realtor’s site at the top is sometimes very subtle. The best approach to SEO is not to do it yourself, but rather have a professional optimize it and even take over development of content.  Search engines and Social media can deliver motivated buyers and potential sellers.

Here’s what you need to focus on:

  • Increase the amount of content on your website and blog
  • Have RealtyMarketLeader optimize your current content for Google rankings
  • Create a Facebook page to present and build your brand image
  • Use Twitter to show you’re up to date and really involved with the community
  • Develop your blog with interesting content from around the web
  • Develop your blog to create interesting conversation and present useful info to consumer
  • Create home tour videos to create a brand boosting presence on Youtube
  • Advertise on Facebook and Geotarget your ads

Social Media Management for Realtors

Heavy duty users of social media can sign up at which offers a service to integrate and streamline your social media postings. It also allows you to monitor what people are saying about you and your business.

Contact Realty Market Leader to get started on an effective SEO and Social Media presence.


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