Increasing Leads for Real Estate Agents

Target Niche Prospects and Build Rapport with Them

In previous posts, I spoke about real estate lead conversion and client segmentation. Real Estate Lead Conversion covered some practical matters related to online lead conversion.  It has a list of items you need to review and implement to increase your calls and registrations .  It wets your appetite for the next post  Realtor Lead Conversion which delves into the issue of segmenting your target prospects. This post goes further into the matter of choosing which niche prospects are right for you.

There are a good number of factors that go into whether the prospect will contact you when they’re on your site. Aside from the mechanical stuff on your site such as listings, and general real estate information, lead generation may down to personality and style matters.  People contact others who are relevant to them and that takes in a wide range of factors such as age, gender, appearance, and capability.  If your website doesn’t have enough info for them to make a decision about you, then you need to start building in elements to communicate your compatibility. This is where you get into personal info, video, and even facebook pages. If you’ve always wanted to keep yourself out of your real estate business, you’ll probably find lead conversion challenging.  You have to take an intelligent gamble and personalize and focus your brand image strategy.

Niche Targeting: you need to identify the best niche groups in order to modify your brand image and website content so you can better appeal to these people.  Prospects fill out your contact form or phone phone you because you seem compatible with them, their personalities, lifestage, and their goals.

For example, if you appear to be an outgoing condo specialist who is generous with time and information, and you can offer broker discounts for new condo purchases, or you can demonstrate your negotiation skills, buyers will likely consider you to be the most relevant condo specialist.  Or if you’re appealing to older babyboomers who are looking for a retirement condo, you may want to brand yourself as a golfer, who travels, likes 50’s music, and who takes financial investing seriously. You’re creating “sympatico” with your older audience.

Real Estate Branding Video – Florida Realtor Discusses His Brand Image Development

Choosing Niches: If you’re resisting narrowing your target market focus, remember that trying to appeal to every buyer and seller probably hasn’t worked for you, and it won’t in future. The real estate market during the past 4 years has changed in ways few people or experts talk about. The online market is competitive and other agents can and will win niches.

The first step to becoming truly customer focused and building your niche brand image is to understand the niche categories. You may already know a certain niche (young families) very well, but is it enough? Once you have a good understanding then you can serve that niche(s) at the highest level possible.

Any agent can choose any niche, however each will likely have to approach them in a different way.  You’re likely going to be weak with some customer segments, so maybe you should think about which type of people you work well with and of those who don’t seem to appreciate your style. That’s on a face-to-face personal level.  Then when you design your website and write your persuasive, informative content, you’ll know exactly who you’re speaking to and trying to persuade. Your imagery, style and topics will all be targeted to your specific target audience.

Sandra Bellini
Sandra Sellani is a branding expert who frequently speaks at conventions. See her article on Real Estate Agent Branding which discusses uniqueness as Key Branding Factor. Take her Brand Quotient Test Online

I myself have specific types of agents I work with. The great thing, is that these excellent real estate agents and brokers contacted me.  That’s mainly because they found my site via Google and they saw that my services match what they need. The personal style of my site and myself is straight forward and thorough. That increases clarity and gives them confidence that they’ll get powerful solutions.  It is a niche target audience of agents that really do need my services. And while style of communication and work expectations may vary, they are the type of agents that keep their eye on the end goal.

Review  my previous post on realtor lead conversion.  And review your current list of prospects and categorize each. Choose the best 5 that you believe you’re selling to or could sell to.

Nationality (Mexican, Indian, Chinese, American)
Language (Spanish, English, Chinese, Hindu)
Mortgage Financing
Home Searcher – Window Shopper
Information Seeker
Low End Market
Mid Market Buyer
High End Market Buyer
Condo Buyer
Family Home Buyer
Quick Seller
Maximum Price Seller
Low Commission Seller
Broker Brand
Uncertain Buyer
Uncertain Seller
Economy Watchers

Your blog and facebook pages offer an opportunity to discuss issues related to your community. That will include local politics, sports, recreation, commercial developments, and neighbourhoods. This helps to integrate you with their thoughts or questions about the community. Think about life in any city and people such as the city mayor, entertainment celebrities, restaurants, or sports teams come to mind.  Wouldn’t it be great if you were one of those people, that homebuyers associated with your city?  Many top agents take branding seriously, putting huge funds into billboard advertising, local flyers, and appearing in the news media. Ambitious and expensive but it probably should be every agents goal.

Hiring a branding consultant to build your brand image? You won’t find many, however some of the experienced ones are capable of researching and defining the niche variables, and helping you position yourself correctly. You’ll want to them to demonstrate their grasp of brand  positioning in the real estate industry. If they don’t discuss real estate on their website, then they may not be interested in the real estate business. You need someone who is.


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