Powering Up Registrations and Info Requests

Strong Registration Page is Major Key to Lead Generation

The last step in your lead generation funnel is to get them to make contact via phone or registration form. After your outstanding value offer or listing page and other content has given them a reason to make contact, they need to sign up.

It’s all about flow and continuing to build a sense of urgency and purpose.

If they’ve filled out a form, then your site has in some way given them the purpose, confidence and courage to contact you.  It validates that you’re giving them what they want and they are asking for your assistance. The other conversion sign is the direct phone call to your number. If you’re good on the phone, then a phone call is powerful.

Right now, let’s concentrate on the call to action and the registration page because this combo generates great leads. If the person actually registers with you, they’re almost asking to become your client.  That’s not so with a request for more information on a property.  When registered, they may hire you as a buyers agent.  If they want to sell their home or condo, they will probably phone you and your phone manner will be critical to successful lead conversion.

The Call to Action is the activity you set in motion on your site. You take them from one thing to the next, building interest and desire which leads them to make a decision.  You’re encouraging them to make a decision. At this point you request that they fill out the form or phone you. If they don’t, it means you haven’t given them a good enough reason to do so. You failed to interest them. You have to take a good look at the style and quality of your content and figure out why it doesn’t generate interest. All your content should be written with contact as the goal.  Then you’ll be expressing yourself properly. You need to build interest to drive them to the contact page.

If they do get to the registration page, then you have generated sufficient intent and desire, but’s important to create some sort of expectation.  As we know, people get to the registration form and then give up.  So your battle isn’t over when they get to the registration page. It’s a shame when they get that far and give up for some unknown reason.

People need clear cues and goals therefore your registration page must promise something concrete and of value. If it’s vague, they may not complete the registration. They must have a purpose for contacting you and if your form confuses them or diffuses their desire and intent, they may abandon it.

The registration page content then has to appear to answer their interests. Vague registrations that ask for names, addresses, phone numbers etc. with no appropriate dialogue with them, or an opportunity to let them express themselves are not liked. People don’t want to just cough up their personal contact info because they don’t trust such requests. That’s why your request has to be wrapped within a certain context.  The context makes the request legitimate. Even if they don’t trust you, a clear purpose will override that distrust (e.g., they must know some critical detail that’s missing from the property description, and only you know that).

Why Should They Sign up With You?

This question goes back to your unique value proposition – your expression of the value you’ll deliver and why you’re the right agent.  You should have crafted an attractive personality on your site, demonstrated knowledge of real estate sales and transactions, knowledge about the real estate niche they’re interested in, demonstrated positive results, and shown that you’re busy and in demand. It’s all a picture of a relevant, well respected, and effective agent/broker.  This builds trust and confidence.    Now they know they’re not wasting their time.  Read more on effective personal traits, what clients think of agents, and about the real estate sales conversion process.

On the form page, you may want to explain briefly what contacting you will do for them, and reassure them that their info is private, not shared, and that you won’t bother them later, and that it is easy to opt out.

In this graphic below, we see the sign up “call to action” down in the lower corner where it is inconspicuous.  Since it isn’t relevant or visible to them, they won’t bother signing up.  The sign up needs to offer something specific such as a key part of information about the property itself such as the condo fees,  property tax, recent upgrades, floor space, layout view, or pictures of the “beautiful master bathroom”!  Dangle the carrot in front of them. One good carrot, is to see an exclusive video of the property with the real estate agent discussing the salient value points of the property. That kind of thing gets them hungry to make contact. Always capitalize on their impulse, just as a online retailer would try to capitalize on impulse purchases. They’re only one click from your competitor, so do what’s necessary.

Ineffective Calls to Action Fail to Convert Leads

The benefits of signing up have to be more than just saving searches and easy access to vague, unnamed info.  It is best to have your call to action up in the property description area, and you should leave out key information on the property listings so they have a reason to contact you.  This is why many realtors are choosing custom idx. With customization, you can decide not to show certain info thus generating a reason why they should contact you.

If people don’t contact you because they’re not sure you’re likeable or personally compatible with them, then focusing on property details and other vital info might help them get over that hurdle.  This is a chance for you to express generosity, helpfulness, and spirit right at the key moment when they have to decide whether to get involved with you.  You should also consider how many form fields to use as it affects conversion rates.

Being more Relevant and Helpful - Build Trust in your Call to Action

Your registration forms are vital to completing your lead conversion funnel. They reaffirm the value you’ve built up in their minds as they’ve perused your site and they’re personal not general.

Lead conversion companies are very aggressive about how their forms are written and displayed. They get right in the face of the prospect with persistent pop ups, large bold fonts, pictures, testimonials, and providing a good value offer. Unfortunately, their offer is usually vague and designed for mass response rather than to convert specific website visitors as you can do on your site. It commoditizes your services and makes you look like a street hawker, not a personal friend. Your form is on your site, not on some spam site amongst dubious content.

Your registration form should be short, up to 5 fields, and include one open-ended field where they can ask a question or say something to you. This gives you good info about their motivation for buying making your phone conversation more effective.

Lead generation companies often create poor quality leads because there is no transparency about who they are,  who they represent, and the relationships they develop. So how many buyers would trust them? And that’s why they work so hard on perfecting the lead conversion process. They have to work harder.

So take a look at your registration page and the info on your property pages and ask someone else to look at them and tell you if they’re really motivated to contact you based on those pages.  From SEO generated visitors to your registration form, you need to supercharge the whole process. Build up your value proposition, brand image, and demonstrate value on all your pages that they might visit, and then provide a good call to action with a registration form that keeps them moving forward to contact.

If you triple your contacts through improving this process, it can mean tens of thousands of dollars more in commission. It’s not just more leads and sales — it’s better, more motivated prospects.  You’re in control of the quality of the prospects you create through your marketing.

WordPress blog sites are content management system with virtual office capabilities and allow a realtor to provide fresh content. When they’re well optimized for SEO, they can be very effective as a lead generator.

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