Realtor Marketing – 2012 is a Big Opportunity

Fight Mediocrity with Better Marketing Results

2012 is a whole new year with plenty of promise for agents in the US and Canada. Whether your city market continues its stagnation or stellar growth isn’t the issue really.  Good or bad, your local real estate market offers incredible potential if you carry out your online marketing effectively. You can excel in any market if you’re top dog.  If you just coast along not understanding your online customers, you’re likely going to be disappointed.  Being the market leader is one of the most intelligent quests an agent can pursue and it can happen if you dig in and learn.

Planning your Marketing Strategy for 2012
Important Posts:

Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Usage
Realtor Marketing 2012
Lead Conversion
Improving Lead Conversion
Optimal IDX System
WordPress Blogs
Real Estate Sales Niches
Chinese Buyers
Babyboomer Market
Real Estate Videos
Real Estate Agent Traits
Branding and Personality

Questions: What are your plans for your website development, email contact, niche targeting, SEO & PPC, Facebook, Twitter and social media exposure? Are you ready for the mobile revolution? How many websites do you have? Are you aware of your online brand image and what you can do to make a powerful asset? What is your cost per lead generated?  What is your conversion rate?

Lead Conversion Pays the Most Dividends

The top online marketing challenge for realtors is lead conversion. However, you still need to have a good volume of traffic and leads. It is a tough challenge evidenced by the staggering number of realtors who are unable to grasp the mechanics of online lead conversion. And there’s those who aren’t making at least 200k per year. Perhaps there’s something’s wrong with your website and online marketing strategy and you need to fix it.

This year you need to attract more prospects and improve your lead conversion funnel. That helps to increase good leads and deter the bad ones. Less work for you and much better results.

Are you stuck with an ineffective Virtual Office website and content management system. Why stick with it? There are some really good ones available with all the bells and whistles and they’re embarrassingly cheap.

Are you doing all you can with SEO? This is still numero uno when it comes to high quality lead generation. Combine that with a well planned website built for lead conversion and you’re ready to build clientelle. If you’re trying to do all this on your own, it must be a daunting task. Even the pros are stressed at the challenge of success in online real estate. Do it yourself SEO, content writing, and site design are exhausting so it might be wise to find a good marketing service provider.

Is lethargy and pessimism stopping you from making it all happen in 2012? Some agents cite insufficient funds to make it happen but usually it’s a lack of confidence that’s the real underlying concern. All agents at some point must make a decision about whether they’re really committed to their realty careers.  Who you have working for you really tells you about your commitment to being the best.  If you’re not working with anyone, it’s time to start leveraging others help and expertise. We’ve all specialized to gain greater competence in our niches, and some of us have put that extra effort into researching and developing excellence.  That’s the kind of people you need working for you.

Make 2012 a great year. Name your sales goals if you want, but the real goal is excellence. The money will come later.


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