Green Home Construction

Green Home Industry Still Growing despite Construction Malaise

With energy costs only rising and homeowners income falling, more than a few people are investigating energy efficient or “green home” technology. Almost every neighborhood has homes with solar panels on them and the growth of geothermal heating systems is one of the bright spots in the construction and service industry.

Green homes refers to homes that are water and energy efficient, generate less green house gases, and cause less degradation to the environment. In San Diego county, the population is expected to grow substantial in the next 10 years which will put tremendous pressure on the local ecology. The use of electric cars and by using inhome electric power generation, San Diegans could save on oil and gas consumption, air pollution, and water pollution.

One Carlsbad resident has installed solar power collectors and system at his home. The home has some construction elements that allow it to retain heat and be heat efficient, to allow him to pay little or no electrical bills to pay to San Diego Gas & Electric.

Need a Green home builder in San Diego? Check out Murray Lampert Construction at 3545 Camino Del Rio South, Suite C San Diego, California 92108. Phone: 619.285.9222. They offer: High Efficiency Plumbing and HVAC, Whole House Air Circulation Systems, Wool Insulation or Recycled Cotton, Duct Mastic Instead of Duct Tape, On Demand Hot Water Systems, Photovoltaic Solar Systems, and Passive Solar Systems.

KCO Construction of San Diego also offers green building services. They’re located in North San Diego at 4686 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Phone: 858-274-0005.

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