Vancouver Real Estate Videos

Time for some Vancouver real estate videos courtesy of Youtube.

Video is a powerful medium when used well. Take a look at the Youtube real estate videos below and let me know which you think are the best.

The first is a million dollar Vancouver Luxury Condo at 805 – 535 Nicola Street in Vancouver. Nicely done by Kimmin Associates. The Bauhinia is part of located on the Coal Harbour waterfront, overlooking the Coal Harbour marina and seawall.

This video for an Aqua Condo for Sale – False Creek in Yaletown by KLS Realty is a common panning technique video. You can see how it doesn’t cut it against a real, real estate video. There’s little information on the Youtube page which makes it fairly ineffective.

A Waterfront condo for sale in Downtown Vancouver by Alevtina Golovina of Not a great start to the video with some spotty graphics. Youtube’s video file converter can botch it if your file is too large. It gets better but may be just a little too long. Put that music on a real video real estate video and your prospects will get a nice introduction to the condo and Vancouver. The video didn’t end with her contact info?

Video Tour of 1018 Cambie Street – Yaletown Limited Edition – Vancouver Condos

This property is nice, but the choice of music is questionable. Video is short and to the point and ends off right with the call to action and website domain being displayed.

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