Powerful Real Estate Agent Traits

Generosity May Well be the Best Predictor of Your Real Estate Career

There’s some sites being developed right now that offer to help rate real estate agents.  That’s got a few realtors feeling uneasy since many of their former clients may want to get their opinions about them made public.  Can a real estate agent rating site ever be legitimate?  It can certainly be gamed and how does the site itself get support financially? All the same, such sites could influence whether a prospect chooses you. Perhaps the best way to elimate issues of bad publicity is be proactive and demonstrate behavior that ensures others see your value.

Angie’s List, Rate My Agent, Real Estate Ratingz all portend to provide reliable real estate agent ratings or at least warn of the bad ones.  Having your name on websites like that can hurt your reputation. Bloggers and other writers may write about your presence on those websites and then your bad ratings “go viral.”

Why is Generosity the Foundation of Good Character and Professional Standing

There’s a lot of personality traits and character traits that demonstrate your quality as a person and as a realtor.  Integrity or keeping your word is vital and energy and enthusiasm show you are committed to your work. You show integrity by making consistent and achievable claims or statements and promises, and by keeping your commitments.  Your image and actions should be consistent too so people get the idea you are trustworthy. It’s not always enough to be trustsworthy.  You have to consider appearances. Brand Image is important as a realtor. One bad real estate deal or transaction or expectation can be used against you, so being proactive is wise.

To avoid the whole bad image thing, you need to appear to be more than just about yourself (and your spouse and kids) or selling per se.  Real estate professionals unfortunately have been branded as selfish freeloaders and some surveys have found people feel they’re not very honest either. To overcome that bad image, an agent should be the opposite.

Being focused on clients and the community and not just one’s own family and profit motives, tells others you care and you will be fair with them. They trust you because they don’t think you’ll “take them.”  If you’re collecting huge commissions, it’s important not to brag about your sales awards. Driving around in that new Mercedes or flashy BMW just might backfire on you in today’s economic climate.  Down to earth, other-oriented people who appreciate the value of money and time will generate more trust.

Generosity is fairly rare today but those who are generous never lose.  Generosity is a powerful trait that is spawned by confidence, optimism, caring, and productivity. Whether it’s time, money, energy or praise and support for others, you get it all back tenfold simply because you’re supporting the very people who support you. You’re contibuting to the creation of more for everyone and others realize that you do.  Generosity has to be real and if it is, the people you support will speak of you glowingly and supportively. When you are genuinely interested in others, your questions, comments, advice, and enthusiasm will be addictive to them. Prospects will choose you if they like you, so making them feel good is good business too.

If you’re a stingy, himey, avaricious person, you’ll be betrayed by your behavior.  It shows in the tone and modulation of your voice (gruff is not good), how you walk and talk (natural, not aggressive), the words you choose to say (positive, encouraging, conversational), the topics you speak of (values), whether you pause to let others speak (consideration), how much time and encouragement you give others to speak (supportive), how you speak about others (positive), how you arrange open houses (a good experience), deals and closings (creating value for buyers/sellers), your praise and recognition of others and their contributions (acknowledgement), along with your acts of giving time and free services.

Generous people give without expecting something back. There’s no deal or strings attached – they give as a natural expression of creating a better world for everyone including themselves.

And no one is self made today – we’re all part of an interdependent system which we hope will give us opportunity to contribute and accomplish and receive rewards.

If generosity is part of your personality structure and style — a part of who you are, it will be expressed in all your realtor activities, including advertising and client relations – from your real estate slogan to your website and blog posts. If you’ve lost clients and don’t know why, it might not be because of your breath or taking too much commission. It might be a lack of a generous giving spirit that turned them off.  If people never call you back, then it must be something fairly serious and bad breath isn’t that serious.

Seriously, if you’ve got bad breath or awful clothing, do something about it 🙂

Build and nurture a generous spirit and watch while your world turns you into a winner.

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