America China Real Estate Summit & Convention

America China Real Estate Summit & Convention Brings you together With Chinese Buyers

Cash rich Chinese Real Estate Investors are still looking for property in the US and Canada, and a group of people have organized a conference to bring them in contact with US and Canadian real estate professionals.  ACRECSCON says it’s next conference in November will 15,000 Chinese investors. China is still the fastest growing foriegn investor in American real estate and Vancouver Real Estate and the Chinese investors are not slowing down. China’s massive wealthy population and funds are looking for investment opportunities around the world.

ACRESCON is the only convention in Mainland China to permit American and Canadian companies to publicly assemble for the purpose of offering real estate investment opportunities to Chinese investors.

Real Estate Conferences in Hong Kong. MIPIM real estate exhibition and conference  facilitates transactions and connections for real estate professionals in the Asia-Pacific region. Your brokerage could take part in this in order to connect with real Chinese real estate agents to build referals from Chinese buyers.  It may be the best way to learn about Chinese real estate investors and begin your domination of the Chinese real estate investment niche for your city.

Realtor Marketing

Build your brand image and connection to mobile consumers by leveraging mobile phones and best apps. The iPhone 4s offers excellent capabilities for realtors. For consumers the iPhone 4s has  a lot of class and is easily the one recognizable phone on the market. And the iPad is growing in popularity. Learn more about which real estate agent apps you need and which apps consumers are using that you should consider white labelling to capture leads from the MLS system. The app in Canada is one such example, as is the app, along with the Zillow app are popular with mobile users.


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