– Top Canadian Real Estate Site Generates no Leads is the top visited real estate site in Canada. It is owned and operated by the Canadian Real Estate Association.

Consumers visit the site and sometimes use the home search features while others may find a realtor though the site. Those who are looking for properties in other cities where they intend to move might use the site. For a top Canadian real estate site, it doesn’t generate many leads for realtors. In our experience, Google will send 40 to 100 times as many homebuyers to your website. While not disputing that any traffic from or is desirable, a realtor can’t make a living on sparse views on the MLS system anymore. If you’re a Canadian Realtor, look into a new online marketing approach by Realty Market Leader.

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Over the period of a year, it may send a relatively small number of leads to your realtor website. Check your own Google analytics to see what sites are sending you traffic and leads and especially If you check the website you’ll notice that it uses a map-based property search system which is very user unfriendly. ranks as the 59th most visited site in Canada, but is it working to represent agents across Canada?  The stats show it may only representing Vancouver real estate agents at this time.

This graphic shows appears to be buying ads only for the Vancouver area market, which is indeed a hot market, however other markets should be represented as well.

This graphic shows the site can actually generate a few referals over a year. However, this pales in comparison with other referal sources.  CREA referals

The site also distributes the app for iphone, iPad, and Android phones.

Get the marketing assistance any successful market leading agent needs. We’re looking to work with Vancouver real estate agents, Ottawa real estate agents, Edmonton real estate agents, Winnipeg real estate agents and Regina real estate agents. There’s nothing wrong with being the market leader.


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