Help! My Real Estate Career is Going Nowhere

The US real estate market is tough these days and there’s no shame in admitting your current strategy isn’t working. Plenty of agents are buying leads from so called lead factories, and find they’ve lost their money. It’s the sort of regret you feel as you’re leaving a Casino. If you’ve gone that far, it’s time to get serious and build a solid web presence that’s going to get leads coming to you. Isn’t that easier?

What an effective real estate web site provides is visitors who are interested in properties, mortgages, or information about buying a home (such as first time homebuyers). The traffic from a good SEO effort is substantial. How does 10,000 visitors a month sound? A good website also provides solid branding value making you look like a true professional and interested in presenting what prospects want. A poor website presents the opposite.

You must Beat the Competition

A high performance real estate website can make you look like a winner. Being the first ranking site for Vancouver real estate, San Jose real estate, Edmonton Real Estate, San Diego Real Estate, or Los Angeles real estate gives you the appearance of the leading realty site. If Google ranks you first, consumers figure that you are legitimate and are a good choice. It’s an invisible recommendation and it’s too valuable to ignore.

If your leads have dwindled to a few, then you’ve got the fall and winter ahead to regroup with a completely new approach. That means a new website that works. It’s one that has the right attributes and content and ranks well on Google. Perhaps you need a facebook page too with content that builds your agent brand image and builds a sense of belonging to prospects.

Remember that crisis is a point of change not the end. You’ve tried the wrong techniques, no matter whether you learned them in college or in real estate courses. You have no leads and can’t convert the ones you do get, so it is absolutely time to change your marketing strategy.

Why not contact us about getting you into the most effective way to generate real estate leads? Now is the right time.


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