Realtor Web Site Performance Check

Disatisfaction with Your Website Means You’re Ready to Make Changes for Big Improvements

Are you satisfied with your website’s performance? How are your traffic levels? Are your search engine rankings really good? Do people stick around your site reading content? Do they find the properties they’re looking for or do they leave?

If you’re like 95% of all real estate agents in the US, you’re probably not even looking at your web stats, but you should think about them and get deeper reports on what is happening. There’s good information in them.

This graphic shows how strong search engine traffic can grow and how direct traffic is also influenced by search engine traffic. The low ratio of direct visits to SE referals shows how difficult it is to create loyal, returning customers. Very few real estate websites have repeat visits from loyal customers. That’s why getting in front of home buyers and sellers constantly throughout the year is so important. And, highly useful and engaging content can also stimulate returning visitors. Direct traffic are those that type your url into the browser bar.

Search Engine referals are a key statistic in understanding what visitors want, how long they stay and even the number of people who are so familiar with your site that they type your domain name into the browser bar.

Your website is a huge asset and its lead generation performance will only increase. From Facebook to mobile mls to your blog and newletters, everything points to your website and the earlier you start building a domination of your local market the better. Plenty of agents and brokers are beating you right now and perhaps feeling confident about their marketshare, but hanging onto their leadership is questionable if they’re not focused on continual improvement of the website(s). Only the most diligent agetns and brokers keep up the hard work on their websites — but they always fear that you’re going to take web marketing seriously and give them a run for their money.

If you are hosting currently with realestatewebmasters, point2point, agentimage, realwebsolutions or realpagemaker, are you suspicious that your website just isn’t creating the traffic or leads you need? Do you know how many properties they view per visit? If people are finding properties but still aren’t contacting you, do you know what the problem is?

Well, if you’re not getting much traffic, then you probably have your answer. A website’s key objective is to capture traffic — the more the better. As you may or may not know, real estate sales is a game of numbers and you do need quite a bit of traffic before you’ll get solid leads. A lot of people are window shoppers. Worse, if your site ranks well down on Google, you’re getting very poor quality traffic. As rankings and traffic increase, you’ll get exposure to those few buyers and sellers that are worth having as a client.

If you know your website isn’t generating the leads and sales you need, why have me take a look at it and give you a report on how you can do better? I might be able to help you excel during the winter months and get your site primed for excellent performance next spring. Good things come to those plan, prepare and build a solid web presence.

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