Personal Rejuvenation – When Your Real Estate Career is Going Nowhere

Revitalization – Small Changes can Set you on a Path to Rejuvenation

Tens of thousands of real estate agents have faced their day of comtemplation since the economic downturn. Perhaps you’ve been there already and wondered seriously whether you should continue in the real estate business.  Why is it you’re not a top sales performer and what is at the bottom of a long sales draught?

I’m not a psychologist although I am well educated in psychology and sociology and am well read, however I’m finding that business people today lack confidence and need some sort of spiritual lift. There is a lot of negativity and as the recent study of twitter users revealed, the fall and winter bring on even more negativity. When people are negative and pessimistic, it is an expression of a lack of confidence and disappointment that reality isn’t meeting their self-expectations. Negative, pessimistic people either give up pursuing their dreams or they make bad choices. They don’t become huge successes which is what I hope for all my clients.

There’s no one harder on ourselves than ourselves. If you’re a real estate agent and overwhelmed with pessimism and are getting burnt out, perhaps these tips can help get you started on the path to rejuvenation.

Where Am I Going?

If you’re having trouble sleeping, feel irritable, pessimistic, suspicious, envious, have low energy, feel a lot of aches and pains, and can’t concentrate then you’re probably suffering from depression.  The fatigue you feel isn’t imaginary and it’s not something to be ashamed of. You likely are burnt out after working hard and not meeting your sales expectations and income for the past 3 nasty recession years. If you still secretly hold the same expectations you had in 2007 then you should adjust your picture of a successful real estate career.  Signing up with a real estate coach and powering up even more with new techniques and longer hours will probably kill you.  There’s plenty of books and seminars that teach real estate techniques that are as fun as a root canal at the dentist. 

There’s one personal and professional asset that can improve your work performance and that is good mental and emotional health along with self-esteem. If you’ve got a warm, caring and pleasant personality, and a mind that is clear of fatigue and distraction, that can help you sell more than any sales technique ever will.

If you don’t feel well and other people including your former clients are avoiding you, and they aren’t responding to you well, then you definitely need some rest and a change.

What would that change be? Short term or permanent. New career or new location. Do you need to know the answer to begin your rejuvenation process?

Persistence with Failing Techniques may not be the Right Choice

As a salesperson, you’re more than aware that persistence and determination are two key ingredients in the success formula.  Maybe those traits have kept you going and now they’re actually preventing you from improving your life and your career?

So as bad as you feel about your sales performance and outlook for this fall and winter, you should appreciate the courage, positive spirit, and determination you’ve had to show so far in your career. You’ve got nothing to prove. Instead, you might want turn off the sales professional in you for as long as it takes to regain your spirit and enthusiasm.

Recessions have been around before, yet in the past, few sales people or consumers could quantify the depth and structure of a recession. Now with the web, online research, government stats, CNN and the business channels, we’re fairly educated on what is happening and how long the recession might run.  We’re more educated but it seems to just pull us into a negative, energy killing spiral, that we can’t get out of. You have time to reflect right now and get out of the downward spiral.

You are free to realize and admit out loud that your current approach and situation isn’t working and that you need a change. Think about your current projects, markets, and your employer’s expectations and whether they’re working. If they’ve been failing for a long time, you know the answer. You need new opportunities, new markets, new techniques, tools, resources, yet maybe you’re too tired and depressed to visualize them?

If your mind is operating at 30% of its usual capacity, you should break away from your routine and let your mind breathe again. Without that mental fresh air and relaxation, nothing else you do will work. How can it? Your mind is tired.

Find Something New

Rather than eliminating the negative, focus on the positive. It’s not wise to overanalyze the situation and trying to conceptualize and plan your return path. It’s not going to be a straight mapped out, GPS-guided paved road to Shangri La. Part of the process is in not knowing where you’re going. If you don’t know where you’re going, you won’t be able to construct barriers and faulty bridges to defeat yourself. You just open your mind and let your spirit guide. Will your gut feelings guide you? Maybe. Certainly if you start to feel good, then you’re getting positive feedback. Don’t jump to conclusions though because a long trip often starts with a short diversion in another direction. Treat all experiences good or bad as part of the trip to wherever you’re going.

By finding something new to pursue in your personal life or real estate biz you won’t have time to think about negativity or respond to it. You move to a whole new psychological place. The trick though, may be to picture yourself away from real estate so a more accurate, true picture will come through. You probably won’t leave real estate at all, if for very long, but you need to clear your head. If you don’t push the real estate salesperson image out of the way for a short while, the new you won’t be able to appear. You have to have courage to leave what you were doing.

In the end, you’re hoping for a new self identity, but these changes won’t be as drastic as you think. When you look back on it, you’ll realize that all that happened was you cleared your mind, broke away those chains, and your full potential suddenly reappeared.

Small Changes are Easy to Make

Those small changes are easy to make too. And once you’re started, you find the new path unobstructed by others and by yourself. Most of the barriers we see in life are self-imposed, and you let them disappear and be busy so you don’t construct new barriers.

A new hobby, getting some exercise, picking up tennis, bicycling, softball, ice skating, hockey, basketball, or walking, could give your mind the respite from expectations and pressure. A long vacation is one of the best ways to clear your mind and rejuvenate yourself. If that’s not possible, you might consider moving to anew city. I’ve seen agents move to anew cityand regain themselves.

The key to change is getting the ball rolling. Find one new pursuit and use that as a catalyst for change. Do what makes you feel good. Once your confidence begins to increase, your new self-identity will become clearer.

I’m sure most of the top selling real estate agents have gone through this dark to light process. Hitting bottom is often a key catalyst for change. You probably care about your real estate career or you wouldn’t have read this far. If you have hit bottom with your career, then take a breather, clear your mind. The human mind can get burnt out and it may take weeks or months to rejuvenate. However long it takes, give yourself permission to rest and begin your rediscovery process. Let me know how it goes.


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