iPhone App Marketing for Realtors

Mobile Apps on iTunes and Android Market

Sooner or later, developers and consumers were going to be faced with the problem of a glut of iPhone apps and Android apps.  For iPhone and iPad app developers, hundreds of thousands are languishing in the iTunes Store and apparently no one can find them. Tomorrow, many millions will be available.  Brian Caulfield has stated that there are 75 apps for each and every one of Apple’s 200 million iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users. And he suggests that developers are only making a little over $5,000 via their apps.  If no one can find the needle in the haystack, few will make any money at all.

Such visibility is a job for an SEO. Before any app developer registers his apps to the iTunes warehouse, a visibility plan is needed. If the app can’t be found via iTunes own display or search mechanism, the developer will have to rely on Google visibility to be found by consumers. Then you need a search engine optimization expert.

There is rarely a situation where search engine indexing doesn’t come into play in the consumer arena. And more choice makes showing up in search results more competitive. If an Mobile app development firm fails to help its clients gain exposure in iTunes, Android Market or Google search, then you’d have to wonder how the investment could be justified. Developing smartphone apps isn’t cheap.  Still, as time passes, more mobile mls apps for realtors will come with white label capability so you’ll inevitably get yours. Of course, by then most prospects may have installed other agent’s and broker’s apps already on their phone. Top lesson of marketing and success — always be first.

You can develop your own mobile mls app yourself or adapt one

A successful real estate mobile app would be a gold mine for a broker or agent, and it may be worth looking into adapting a current generic mobile app with your branding and properties. Leveraging your local mls listings in an app would be excellent, however you need a competent developer to make it happen, and original apps would be expensive to develop. Might be better to look for a white label solution. 

And these are available e.g., the Trulia mobile app and Smarter Agent. It would be great if NAR and realtor.com had a white label version of their iPad real estate app, iPhone app and Android app but they’re just not in that space yet.  A third party app developer like Smarter Agent has a white label solution, but you still have to promote awareness of it and get prospects to use it. If you have plenty of traffic to your real estate website, it may be an easy sell.

Smarter Agent

Smarter Agent is one such company that offers a mobile Platform as a Service (PaaS) so agents and brokers can build mobile apps for the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Palm, and Windows 7 platforms. Smarter Agents mobile mls app is agent-branded so agents can better promote themselves and receive leads from mls listed homes. It appears to be an excellent solution if they can access your local mls listings. All in all, it is very likely that Smarter Agent will be cheaper and perhaps more effective than developing your own mobile app.

Do you need a more effective web presence? Realty Market Leader offers help in creating an economical realtor site that leverages mls listings with SEO techniques and quality content. As you might have heard, rich web content is critical to your real estate sales success. Whether it is to draw leads from Facebook and other social media sites, or to build better traffic from Google, realtors need to leverage original content that converts leads. Given the bonanza of traffic and leads that Realty Market Leader generates, it makes sense to hire them as your dedicated Internet marketing provider. The pace of change in Internet marketing and website development means you need to leverage knowledgeable specialists and service providers. Get started building your real estate leads now.


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