Dedicated Marketing Services for Real Estate Agents

It’s amazing how much time and effort that real estate agents are putting into their websites and online marketing. I’m not a real estate agent myself, but I couldn’t help wonder what kind of real estate agent I would be? What if the SEO guy got a license and launched my own agency?  I’m very sure my website would be successful and I would have lots of leads. But would I be effective and competent as an agent? Would I really convert leads?

I’d ensure my site had very high conversion potential and I’d put a great deal of effort, time and expense. I’d invest in giving it the highest ranking power possible with plenty of high quality content and social media connections. My adwords campaign would land on highly optimized and specialized landing pages that would ensure my Adwords budget wasn’t wasted. At a dollar a click, it would have to be top notch. Domination and high traffic don’t come easy or cheap, so lead conversion strategy and personal responsiveness are critical.

But then, that would just make me an SEO guy – back where I started and not committed to my new career as a real estate sales pro. I wouldn’t be completely focused on managing real leads with real prospects ready to help them buy or sell a home. I’d be distracted with technical problems, emails, server errors, and SEO problem solving, and I wouldn’t be converting real leads the way I have to be. I’d have to choose between focus on speaking with prospects and friends and family of prospects or sitting at a computer speaking with other SEO people and finding topics to write about; topics that may help my Google rankings but which aren’t related to my core competence – nurturing prospects.

Real Estate Multitasking – Eroding Effort on Key Tasks

Studies on multitasking bear that point out. Read what Tap the Potential says about multitasking. Those who try to wear too many hats, especially when they need to be really good at one thing, perform worse and achieve less.

Multitasking - Creates a Loss of Focus that Undermines Productivity. Sticking to one's Core Competencies is especially important in competitive fields.

As an agent, I have the potential to earn huge commissions if I do things right. We know referals from people are the top source of leads so why would I neglect that area and get consumed with the intricacies of content development and painstaking SEO tasks? Doing SEO and real estate sales simultaneously is going to cost me $$$$$.

I would have to hire a good SEO consultant – someone who can focus on my needs, produce top notch work, and have a stake in my success. If my SEO is going to provide top service and results, I have to motivate him and provide the tools and resources he needs. After all, I’m going to benefit far more from this sales success than he will.

Real estate agents earn a lot more than the average SEO consultant. The monthly fee some SEOs take in give them minimal actual profit, so some agents are actually transforming themselves into low paid SEOs!

Smart career management for you means having an SEO pro as your partner in success. That’s how you become the top agent in Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Antonio, Denver,  or Vancouver. Get the best search engine marketer you can find that will give you the dominant presence you need.


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