SMX Advanced Conference – Google Panda 2.2

According to a report by Courtney Mills of ineedhits, Matt Cutts is saying the real major Panda update is still to come. The 3 instances of the Panda Update so far this year are apparently just minor implementations. Mills suggests the upcoming one will be a big change to the results, and formerly harmed sites might find themselves back into the results.

The SMX Advanced conference was held in Seattle on June 8 and 9, 2011. It brought together a number of experts and guest commentators to speak on search engine marketing topics. If you haven’t been to one of the SMX conventions, you might want to get to the next one nearest you. Once will be enough, but everyone once in a while it’s nice to meet with company staff and hear discussions on the latest topics. Mills said, Matt Cutts made the announcement in the question-and-answer session with Danny Sullivan mentioning that ‘Google has updated and approved the changes in the Panda algorithm but it hasn’t been rolled out yet, but that should happen soon’.

If the upcoming release of the Panda 2.2 update frightens you, don’t panic. If your site’s traffic drops seriously, you can improve your site and its optimization and get your traffic back again. Find a good content creator who can create unique, optimized and well written copy. Add to that an effort in the social media sphere should help your site appeal to the new Google. If you don’t have a blog, you should be starting one. If you don’t write well and aren’t gifted with gab or finding new interesting topics, an SEO that writes blog content should be the best solution. Find an SEO Company that can do most of the optimization tasks and content generation. That way you know that your content is being developed with Google rankings and traffic in mind. Your site really can be a generator of big traffic and good leads.

Our clients enjoy traffic that ranges from 7 to 25 thousand visits per month. Those are excellent traffic levels that many agents are astounded by. 7 thousands per month is the minimum so far so if you’re looking for more success on Google, Realty Market Leader is the right choice.


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