Google Panda Update 2.2 is out

While it’s not official from Google, I’m seeing signs Google Panda 2.2 was implemented last week. My main site bay street search engine optimization got a big jump in traffic, which is unusual since I haven’t touched it in years. It’s very neglected because I haven’t had the time. Its old outdated content is still ranking. However, it is original content for each page. Obviously that’s the key.

There’s a lot of talk about the elements of the Panda update, and Panda Update 2.2 may not be doing anything for those good sites that lost their traffic. That’s the problem with running sweeping changes on an index. It will catch a lot of people off guard with no way to understand what happened or how to fix it. Google just offers vague explanations and then people go and rely on amateur SEOs for insight.  Google’s not evening describing exactly what Panda 2.2 is supposed to do.

It’s creating a lot of frustration, confusion and bad advice.

SEO is Born Again

Yes, this new focus on original content will be a boon to SEO specialists who are competent writers who have the technical acumen to write on technical topics they aren’t trained to understand.  It means SEOs really have to get into their client’s business and products.

That means Cheap SEO is on its way out, especially with Google’s continuing war on links from low quality sites. Clients are not often happy about sinking big money into SEO, but considering how tough ranking for big phrases and keyword tailings is, and how lucrative free Google rankings are, they will have to invest more into it.

The next Panda update will keep tightening the noose around the necks of many webmasters and SEOs and it is a stressful time for many. There’s no doubt this Panda update wil push a lot of companies into buying Adwords ads. You might see a lot of SEO providers getting out of the business too because of how difficult SEO is now. Even do it yourself SEO people who are spending more time on their businesses SEO than they are on their business, will give up. Alround, Google Panda updates are changing the SEO landscape.

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